The $12 Trillion Ticking Time Bomb

May 21, 2014 0

by Phoenix Capital Research Time and again, we’ve been told that the Great Crisis of 2008 has ended and that we’re in a recovery.   Indeed, earlier this year, we were even told by Fed […]


The Three-War Doctrine

May 16, 2014 0

By John Feffer U.S. troops have left Iraq and are leaving Afghanistan. The “war on terrorism” now seems so last decade. U.S. military spending has leveled off, and the Pentagon is looking at some fairly […]


Friday Humor: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

May 5, 2014 0

by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,   20 years in prison. That’s the penalty you could face for travelling to a country the President has labelled to be “of concern”. Sending any form of […]


War For Profit: Does The Waste Ever End?

April 29, 2014 0

By Joachim Hagopian More evidence of bungled Pentagon waste and fraud just keeps growing in mind boggling bewilderment, so much so that us mere mortals cannot truly fathom or even imagine just how much US […]

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