Detroit and Iraq: Plundered by the Same Bandits

June 27, 2014 0

By Margaret Kimberley The Race to the Bottom under global, militarized capitalism creates communities of shared misery. Increasingly, it is almost as dangerous to be inside U.S. borders as on the outside. “Iraq was invaded […]


Why The COMEX Is Corrupt

June 27, 2014 0

By Theodore Butler It is one thing to label (libel?) the world’s most important precious metals exchange as the most corrupt; but perhaps quite another to prove it in terms beyond reasonable doubt. First, let […]


So That’s Why They Kept the Drone Kill Memo Secret

June 26, 2014 0

by David Swanson A MQ predator drone. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)Now that the U.S. government has released parts of its We-Can-Kill-People-With-Drones memo, it’s hard to miss why it was kept secret until now. Liberal professors and […]


Here Is The Reason For The Total Collapse In Q1 GDP

June 25, 2014 0

by Tyler Durden   inShare10 Remember back in April, when the first GDP estimate was released (a gargantuan by comparison 0.1% hence revised to a depression equivalent -2.9%), we wrote: “If It Wasn’t For Obamacare, […]

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