Monetary Chaos

April 14, 2014 0

Interviewed by host Tom Woods, Joe Salerno talks about the Fed, the Great Depression, currency wars, deflation, and why governments hate cash. Link to interview: Please click here   TLB recommends you visit for […]


Share the Torture Report

April 10, 2014 0

By Eugene Robinson Torture is immoral, illegal and irreconcilable with this nation’s most cherished values. If defenders of the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program disagree, they should come out and say so. Instead, they blow smoke. […]


Americans Are Blinded By Agendas

April 8, 2014 0

by Paul Craig Roberts Disinformation succeeds because so many people and interest groups across the political spectrum find that it serves their agendas as well as the agenda of the government. Consider for example the […]


The Coming U.S. Government Default?

April 7, 2014 0

By Carl Close Social Security, Medicare, and the federal component of Medicaid are easily the leading sources of the U.S. government’s worsening fiscal nightmare. By 2037, the ongoing growth in spending for these programs will […]

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