How Biosecurity Is Enabling Digital Neo-Feudalism

May 15, 2020 0

Pepe ESCOBAR Italian master thinker Giorgio Agamben has been on the – controversial – forefront examining what new paradigm may be emerging out of our current pandemic distress. He recently called attention to an extraordinary book published seven […]


A Famine Will Follow With Coronavirus

May 6, 2020 1

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE The coronavirus pandemic is bringing hunger to millions of people around the world because of national lockdowns, social distancing, loss of tourism and tanking oil prices The COVID-19 pandemic […]


Facing Food Shortages

April 21, 2020 0

Dr Sircus Beware the ominous rumblings of an increasing number of nations making preparations for the possible loss of food imports. Protectionist measures by national governments during the coronavirus crisis could provoke food shortages around the […]

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