Either You’re The Butcher Or You’re The Cattle

October 17, 2014 0

By Jim Quinn This commentary has been contributed by James Quinn of The Burning Platform. I know many people have no interest in watching the boob tube because 99% of the programming is either mindless drivel or government sanctioned […]


Ebola hoax: the numbers game

October 16, 2014 0

by Jon Rappoport There are several ways to create and manage a fake epidemic. For example, the agency in charge invents case numbers and death numbers—and then, after they introduce the vaccine or the drug, […]


War, Media Propaganda and the Police State

October 15, 2014 0

By Prof. James F. Tracy Modern propaganda techniques utilized by the corporate state to enforce anti-democratic and destructive policies routinely entail the manufacture and manipulation of news events to mold public opinion and, as Edward Bernays […]


How to Overcome Fear When Facing Real Danger

October 9, 2014 0

Source: The Daily Sheeple How do you handle being in dangerous situations? StormCloudsGathering shares a method to manage fear. Delivered by The Daily Sheeple Contributed by The Daily Sheeple of This content may be freely reproduced in full […]


Pictorial Essay: Your Life

September 30, 2014 0

by Stucky You were born free … a bundle of tremendous potential. .   You were loved, and loved unconditionally. .   The concept of lack was foreign to you. .   As you grew […]

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