Iran is Cornered

February 8, 2019 0

The United States are preparing to organize the « Greater Middle East » without their troops. They will probably capitalize on the errors committed over the last five years by Iran in order to create […]


The US Aggression Against Venezuela as a Diagnostic Tool

February 6, 2019 0

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review] The Neocons never cease to amaze me and their latest stunt with Venezuela falls into this bizarre category of events which are both absolutely unthinkable and simultaneously absolutely […]


What the Venezuelan Constitution Says About Changing the President

February 4, 2019 0

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Venezuela’s Constitution simply does not permit what U.S. President Trump is demanding, which is overthrowing and replacing the elected Venezuelan President by the second-in-line-of succession. What Trump demands is comparable in […]


Venezuela: Let’s Cut to the Chase

February 1, 2019 0

PEPE ESCOBAR Cold War 2.0 has hit South America with a bang – pitting the US and expected minions against the four key pillars of in-progress Eurasia integration: Russia, China, Iran and Turkey. It’s the […]


Has Donald Trump Been Forced To Give Up ?

January 29, 2019 0

Has President Donald Trump abandoned the idea of transforming US politics ? Has he bowed to the ex-ruling class of his country ? Over the last two months, his administration seems to have restructured AfriCom, […]

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