World Affairs

Poland as the ‘Slavic Turkey’ of NATO Destabilization

February 27, 2014 0

by Andrew Korybko Polish minister of Foreign Affairs, Radek Sikorski, with the three main ukrainian opposition leaders, in Kiev. Prime Minister Tusk stated on 20 February, 2014 that Poland is already treating the injured insurgents […]

World Affairs

U.S. Coordinating Secret War Against Syria

February 25, 2014 0

Source: Voltaire Network The US National Security Council States brought together the secret services chiefs of the main State actors in the secret war against Syria, revealed the Washington Post [1]. The two-day seminar was held […]

World Affairs

Is Cyberwar Real?

February 21, 2014 0

By Jarno Limnéll; Thomas Rid Thomas Rid (“Cyberwar and Peace,” November/December 2013) describes cyberattacks as somehow separate from conventional warfare because they fail to meet all three of Clausewitz’s definitions of war as violent, instrumental, […]

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