World Affairs

President Macron’s Foreign Policy

March 15, 2018 0

According to President Macron, « France is back » (in English in the text), and intends to play an international role once more, after ten years of abandon. However, Emmanuel Macron has never yet explained […]


When Dealing with a Bear, Hubris is Suicidal

March 15, 2018 0

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review] Assuming mankind finds a way not to destroy itself in the near future and assuming that there will still be historians in the 22nd or 23rd centuries, I […]

World Affairs

Russian Army in Damascus

March 2, 2018 0

Over the last four years, all commentators have underlined the impossibility for Russia to deploy ground troops against the jihadists in Syria at the risk of reliving their defeat in Afghanistan. But what is true […]

World Affairs

The battle of Damascus and East Ghouta

February 27, 2018 0

The city of Damascus and the countryside to the East of the capital, East Ghouta, are the theatre for violent combats opposing Al-Qaïda (supported by the United Kingdom and France) and the Syrian Arab Army. […]

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