I Am Mourning For America

September 29, 2015 0

By Michael Snyder I am mourning for America, because she is dying.  I am mourning for a nation that once knew such greatness but that has now fallen to depths that were once unimaginable.  I […]


Nearly 50 Million Americans Now on Food Stamps

September 18, 2015 0

NaturalNews Network Editor’s Note: And you know who makes the most money off of Food Stamps? Megabanks like JP Morgan Chase and big box stores like Walmart. For much of the presidency of Barack […]


The Forgotten Depression

May 20, 2015 0

EDITORIAL The Forgotten Depression By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. – May 20, 2015 As the financial crisis of 2008 took shape, the policy recommendations were not slow in coming: why, economic stability and American prosperity […]

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