When Elizabeth Warren Woke up to a World Without Her

Tom Luongo

Elizabeth Warren’s national political career is over.  And malignant narcissist that she is she keeps trying to score rhetorical points against Donald Trump, thinking if she can just get in a good one, she’ll stop being a laughing stock.

But, that’s not going to happen.  She’s accumulating nicknames now at a rate that is faster than black men are leaving the Democrats.



Last of the Fauxhicans



After being thoroughly rebuked by the Cherokee Nation for using her DNA results (which, by the way, make her more Aryan than Hitler) for cheap political purposes, Warren continues to debase herself stridently rallying her supporters to force Trump to pay up on his ‘bet’ with her that she is significantly Native American.

She went from possibly being of Cherokee origin to being the founding member of the Slapaho tribe.

Because, seriously, someone needs to slap some sense into her.

And if this incident proves anything it is that she’s surrounded by the worst political strategists this side of Hillary Clinton.

My dad used to say, “It is better to be thought an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”  Honestly that may be the longest sentence my dad ever spoke aloud.

It’s too bad Lizzie’s dad didn’t teach her that.

But, what’s truly awe-inspiring about this beginning of the Me Sioux Movement here is how unbelievably tone deaf Warren is to how things work in politics now.

Hyper-partisan liberal jackasses like Warren have been protected by our lying media for so long that it made them sloppy.  She thought she would be able to run with her DNA results and have the media make Trump respond to her and she could remain relevant as a fighter coming into November 6th.

What she did was commit the biggest political own-goal since Rudy Guiliani attacked Ron Paul on 9/11 in 2008, thus sparking the political rebellion which is reaching its zenith today and ended Guiliani’s political career.

I say it all the time, power makes you stupid.  It also makes you lazy.  I used to think Guiliani’s mistake was the acme of political laziness and stupidity.

But, he’s got nothing over on Warren. At least he made it to the presidential debate stage.

Warren, like most of the Democrats, still think this is 2006 or 2008.  They still think TV news matters.

She thought she could lever up the platform of the dying news media to put the Master of Social Media, the Crown Prince of Trollville and nine-time winner of the World Shitlord Championship, Donald Trump on his back foot.

She’s an Affirmative Action Welfare Queen, using a family anecdote about her mom’s black hair to help her get a job at Harvard.  For her entire political career she has made a mockery not only of those she’s supposed to be the champion of, the disenfranchised minorities they believe are being suppressed by White Privilege, she mocks the very people who were actually disenfranchised by White European Colonialists.

Native Americans.

How none of Warren’s handlers or the dim-bulbs at the DNC didn’t see this coming is beyond me.

But, you know, stupid is as stupid does.  And Elizabeth Warren may be the stupidest politician on the national stage in my lifetime.

Because if there is one thing Warren’s DNA results prove is that as a Yankee from Massachusetts she is more likely the descendant of someone who owes reparations to the Cherokee than she is an ancestor of one of the victims on the Trail of Tears.

Someone should start a GoFundMe for that.  Spreading Bull’s Reparations Fund.

Moreover, this entire affair highlights just how bad everything has become for the Democrats.

They pushed identity politics beyond the bounds of absurdity.  And now Warren thought, at the last minute, before the biggest election in the party’s history, one where they rightly are fighting for their lives, and she meme’s herself into irrelevancy.

That is Elizabeth Warren in ten seconds of comedy brilliance.  (H/T to @RealHalseyNews for making the connection).

Warren will ultimately be crucified by the very people who put her on a pedestal, the insane Cultural Marxists who will throw her under the bus now for being exactly the person they accuse every other white person in America of being.

Because Warren’s stupidity here will only energize Trump supporters to go to the polls to put their thumb on the scale hoping to launch Lizzie and the rest of their lynch mob into the ash bin of history.

Fitting end to one of the most embarrassing political figures of the century.

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