World Affairs

Putin & Military Establishment

November 11, 2015 0

by Martin Armstrong The Obama Administration’s strategy regarding Russia and foreign affairs has been a total disaster. They have remarkably brought back the Cold War and placed the world at risk, all for their power […]


U.S. Dollar: The Barbarous Relic – Jeff Nielson

November 11, 2015 0

By Jeff Nielson November 10, 2015 Almost certainly, everyone reading this piece will have heard the phrase “barbarous relic” used in reference to a particular currency in our current monetary system. The problem is that […]


Bankers Hate Peace: All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

November 11, 2015 0

By Washington’s Blog This article was published on March 26, 2015 As Lee Fang writes: The possibility of an Iran nuclear deal depressing weapons sales was raised by Myles Walton, an analyst from Germany’s Deutsche Bank, during a Lockheed earnings […]

World Affairs

The Great Game, Updated

November 10, 2015 0

By Daily Bell Staff – November 10, 2015 Putin sends 4,000 troops to Syria as he steps up bid to WIPE OUT the evil Islamic State …Vladimir Putin has sent 4,000 troops to Syria to […]

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