Monetary Imperialism

November 30, 2017 0

by MICHAEL HUDSON In theory, the global financial system is supposed to help every country gain. Mainstream teaching of international finance, trade and “foreign aid” (defined simply as any government credit) depicts an almost utopian system […]

World Affairs

Libya “Chose” Freedom, Now It Has Slavery

November 29, 2017 0

by JOHN WIGHT FacebookTwitterGoogle+RedditEmail Photo by BRQ Network | CC BY 2.0 NATO’s military intervention in Libya in 2011 has justifiably earned its place in history as an indictment of Western foreign policy and a military alliance […]


Don’t You Believe It—-The Melt-Up Madness

November 28, 2017 0

By David Stockman. Posted On Monday, November 27th, 2017 Don’t you believe it! The melt-up madness now underway marks the most dangerous, unstable and combustible financial bubble in human history. It was fostered by Keynesian central […]


From Catherine II to Vladimir Putin

November 28, 2017 0

Since the beginning of the war against Syria in 2011, Russia has been supporting this nation against what it considers to be an exterior aggression. While the Western Press explains this behaviour as a case […]

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