No 5th Column in the Kremlin? Think Again!

June 29, 2018 0

[This analysis was written for the Unz Review] Following the re-appointment of Medvedev and his more or less reshuffled government, the public opinion in Russia and abroad was split on whether this was a good sign […]


Democrats Melt Down Over Supreme Court Vacancy

June 28, 2018 0

by Tyler Durden Progressives from sea to shining sea are having an election-level meltdown over the announced retirement of Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy… Click here to continue reading…

World Affairs

Trump-Putin Summit Set Up, Details To Be Announced Thursday

June 27, 2018 0

by Tyler Durden Update: TRUMP-PUTIN MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT WILL COME THURSDAY: BOLTON PUTIN, TRUMP BOTH CONSIDER MEETING `IMPORTANT,’ BOLTON SAYS The United States and Russia have reached an agreement on a summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and […]

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