Chaos Is As Chaos Does – Kunstler

When this future becomes the present, that present will look obvious. It always does. And from that present, this past we are living in will look ridiculous…. — Curtis Yarvin


It’s hard to escape the awful feeling that Western Civ has a death wish, or to say which of its constituent nations wants to get to the graveyard first. Great Britain might be leading the pack with its Three-Card-Monte financial finagling economy and hot potato political leadership. Old Blighty sinks visibly by the day into sclerotic torpor — even while its MI-6 intel gang works overtime scheming to blow things up, to make the Russia-Ukraine mess even worse. Newly-tapped Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces the same set of quandaries that sank Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, and his country will have to call a painful general election before long to make its government legitimate. Oh, to be a fly-on-the-wall at the first meeting between Mr. Sunak and King Charles.

Germany took a wrecking bar to its own economy this summer while its people kept goose-stepping to the absurd Covid “vaccine” tyranny narrative. The German gene for obedience marches them into their third national calamity in a hundred-odd years, with hardly a peep of political objection. Yet, deep inside them lurks that age-old Teutonic libido for violence. When will that break against the feckless head-of-state Olaf Scholz, with all the charisma of a Dampfnudel?

France’s Macron called yesterday to settle the Ukraine mess “on Ukraine’s terms,” as if that palooka of a country was not about to be KO’d by the neighboring land it was induced to antagonize by the NATO mafia. Italy’s new PM Georgia Meloni promised Ukraine “her full support” over the weekend, perhaps forgetting that almost nothing supports Italy’s continued existence at First World levels of comfort and comity. Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden and the other lesser NATO players just bystand stupidly as the alliance declares war on reality and all of Europe slides toward neo-medieval cold and darkness.

Then there’s us, Crazyland, formerly known as the USA, floating the possibility of a nuclear missile exchange, as if that were any kind of workable answer to the completely unnecessary war we instigated in the crossroads of Eurasia. Now, the word is out that a 101st Airborne “Screaming Eagles” strike force is assembling in Romania, next door to Ukraine, for some supposed incursion into the war zone — where there would be a fair chance of them getting slaughtered. Are you serious, Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley, or is this just some new deranged Woke vaudeville act in your continuing effort to humiliate the US Armed Forces?

Factor in, of course, the fast-approaching midterm election, which seems to have driven the “Joe Biden” regime and its Party of Chaos into a fugue of extreme desperation as they face a possibly massive repudiation at the polls that will put them out of business for many election cycles to come — if not permanently — and bring an end to the Wokester-Jacobin freak show.

How the Democratic Party became hostage to the worst array of political ideas ever assembled remains a profound mystery. How do they persist supporting a Covid “vaccine” campaign that is now obviously false and dangerous? Is it simply an inability to acknowledge a terrible mistake? Or is it — as things seem — something darker, a deliberate effort to inflict harm on the American people? Kind of looks that way. Several states quickly and loudly opted out of “vaccine” mandates for schools since the CDC’s advisory committee’s bizarre 15 to 0 vote to include the janky mRNA shots on the childhood “schedule.”

How did “JB” & Company imagine that a wide-open border along with big cash gifts to border-jumpers was going to play with the economically sore-beset public? Who imagined that drag queens grinding their junk in children’s faces was a winning ploy? Who told them that Americans would approve of turning the FBI into a Gestapo, barging into politically-targeted households with SWAT teams before dawn? How did they forget that there is a First Amendment to the Constitution that forbids the government to interfere with freedom of speech? Who is actually behind this insanity?

These never-before-seen acts-of-war against American citizens will call for some serious ‘splainin’ after the Party of Chaos is thrashed in the election — assuming they don’t make the final and fatal misstep of pulling some excuse to cancel, postpone, or muck with their November 8 appointment with fate. One such ‘splainin’ flurry is already set, since Judge Terry Doughty of the Western Louisiana District Federal Court has ordered Anthony Fauci and a train of high-profile officials to testify under oath in a lawsuit brought jointly by Missouri AG Eric Schmitt and Louisiana AG Jeff Landry on the “JB” regime’s collusion with social media to censor news and suppress free speech.

There is also the strangely lingering matter of Special Counsel John Durham’s inquiry into the origins of the RussiaGate scandal. It’s pretty inconceivable to me that he will quit the operation after the two seemingly lame cases against attorney Michael Sussmann and Brookings errand boy Igor Danchenko — both failures to gain convictions. What Mr. Durham did accomplish in those exercises was to get a whole lot of testimony submitted as evidence (that is, on-the-record) implicating the higher ranks of the FBI and the DOJ in all that malicious and illegal nonsense — perhaps enough to bring cases against the glaringly obvious true culprits such as James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and the rest of the Crossfire Hurricane gang. Is Mr. Durham being obstructed by Merrick Garland? (If so, you can be sure the country will eventually find out.) Or does the Special Counsel have the guts to carry on somehow anyway? I think we’ll know after the election.

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