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WTF is going on?!?!?!

Submitted by Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Really, what in the world is going on regarding the unparalleled flurry of UFO disclosures and alien leaks over the past year?!

It’s totally crazy … … … as in crazy like a
dangerously crazy Khazarian fox.

Now read this crazy little leak from a “Veteran Intelligence Analyst and Longtime UFO Researcher” about the exceedingly momentous 2016 POTUS election.

Hillary Clinton embracing her real father-in-law Laurance Rockefeller


“The photos both above and below of Hillary Clinton with her father-in-law Laurance Rockefeller tell the whole story.  The reason why William Jefferson Clinton’s father is listed as William Jefferson Blythe Jr. is because he was actually sired by Laurance Rockefeller of the famously wealthy and powerful Rockefeller family.  The false fatherhood story was obviously floated early on to hide Bill Clinton’s radioactive Rockefeller pedigree.

Blythe was quite conveniently murdered in a car accident only 3 months before Bill Clinton’s birth so that the cover story would never be put in jeopardy (see the following reference).

Now here’s the back story: Laurance Rockefeller had an extraordinary interest in all things related to UFOs and Aliens.  He was an authentic truther in this particular regard from early on in his life.  In fact, Rockefeller was such an open enthusiast and sincere zealot that it appears that he represented a powerful faction within the global power structure who wanted full “Disclosure”.  And, he wanted the raw truth out there in his lifetime.  Which is why his son — Bill Clinton — was tasked with the responsibility of revealing EVERYTHING, and in a way that only he could do.

John Podesta of Pedogate & Pizzagate fame was selected as the point-man within the Clinton administration whose main job was to grease the wheels for total “Disclosure”; first officially by the U.S. Federal Government followed immediately by a coordinated worldwide release of info by key governments such as the UK’s (Podesta was Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff during his second term and his White House Staff Secretary during his first term).  The public record is replete with Podesta’s pronouncements and pertinent documentation which categorically confirms that this Clinton “Disclosure” initiative was all procedurally driven by Podesta (as well as Hillary from behind the scenes).

Then came the unusually lurid Monica Lewinsky scandal: an engineered scandal that was deliberately designed to threaten Clinton to cease and desist from all presidential endeavors where they concerned “Disclosure”.  It worked like a charm.

Nevertheless, Laurance was undeterred in his resolve to expose the issue (via the US government) so that humanity would know the truth that “We are not alone“.  So, he bided his time and groomed his daughter-in-law Hillary for the very same task.

However, The Powers That Be did not want disclosure at that time … for reasons that are well beyond the scope of this exposé.  And, they would do everything in their pervasive power to prevent it.  Which meant that Hillary Clinton could not be permitted to win the 2016 POTUS election.


So, we come to Election Day 2016 and late that night the vote tallies come in and Donald Trump is quite surprisingly declared the winner.  First, watch the reaction of the Clinton campaign toward that outcome—they were all totally floored.  Then go back and view the reactions of Team Trump—they simply could not believe they won.  Speechless…all of them!

It’s true, not even Trump really knew why he was set up to win the White House at Hillary’s expense and who was Deep State’s obvious choice.  Who really won the election is anybody’s guess, although Hillary was the most hated POTUS candidate in American history so her loss seemed real BUT BY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.  But regardless of who got the most votes, Clinton would not be allowed to carry out the Rockefeller “Disclosure” agenda—NO MATTER WHAT.

KEY POINT: JFK assassination criminal investigators and deep researchers are all well aware that President Kennedy’s intention to carry out his own “Disclosure” was in the top 3 reasons for his brutal murder by the Khazarian Cabal.  So we know such a massive “Disclosure” data dump will never occur until permitted by those well-concealed rulers of the realm.

This is also why the rapid succession of unprecedented “October Surprises” in 2016 were — BY FAR — the biggest and most damaging in U.S. political history.  Between the damning Wikileaks, shocking Pizzagate revelations, stunning Seth Rich assassination, all preceded by Hillary’s quite serious email/server crime wave, it was abundantly clear that someone was out to sabotage her presidential prospects—FOREVER!!!  And so they did.”

Hillary Clinton holds the ET book “Are We Alone?” by Paul Davies as she walks with her father-in-law Laurance Rockefeller


UFO & Alien Truth and Falsehood

Next we come to some irrefutable facts and falsehoods about this entire realm of UFOlogy and Alienology.  As follows:

Number 1: The vast majority of UFO sightings are of highly advanced U.S. military manmade spacecraft, which were manufactured in super-secret military bases from reverse engineered alien technology.

Number 2: The very notion of “First Contact” is a bad Khazarian joke. Extraterrestrial civilizations have been coming to Earth for eons; and there is presently a tremendous body of hard evidence proving many of those visitations.

Number 3: Like everything else, there are good ETs and bad ETs.  However, the alien races that have been making continuous contact with the most powerful governments on Earth since World War II are mostly evil aliens from hostile terrestrial civilizations.  Only malevolent ETs would ever provide such destructive technologies and advanced sciences to governments that are profoundly and hopelessly wicked.

Number 4: At the same time there are many good alien races monitoring everything that’s going on inside, on and above our planet, often mitigating the most precarious hotspots.  It’s only because of their great benevolence that humanity has made it this far without blowing the whole place up.

Numbers 5,6,7,8 & 9:  To be continued later in this post


In terms of highly deceptive and distracting false flag operations, it simply does not get any bigger than NASA’S PROJECT BLUE BEAM.


In view of the spate of strange MSM reports showing up all over the CIA’s Mockingbird Media this year, it’s now clear that the Khazarian Cabal is up to something big—VERY BIG!—and on the order of PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

So, the first important question about these ridiculously contrived reports by UFO whistleblowers and Alien leakers alike is: “Why now?”  Why the barrage of fake ‘disclosures’ during the lead-up to the most consequential POTUS election in US history, if there even is an election?

Especially after what just happened to candidate Ron DeSantis in the wake of his own disclosure about his biggest donor being Robert Bigelow is there obviously a HUGE war going on behind the scenes.  His campaign has mysteriously nosedived ever since that unusual relationship was made public; kind of like Hillary’s did after her Rockefeller-enkindled “UFO enthusiasm” made it to prime time.  (Really, does Hillary seem like a POTUS candidate who would ever be a UFO truther; ditto that for Ron DeSantis)

Bigelow is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace and “has provided financial support for investigations of UFOs and parapsychological topics”.  Not only that, but Bigelow’s is the largest company in America that vigorously participates in the biggest Public-Private Partnership that concerns itself with UFO deep research and reverse engineered alien technology.  In this way, that top-secret enterprise (not so public after all) is protected from FOIA requests that would otherwise expose the whole operation were it conducted under the aegis of the US government.

So, what’s the point here?

There are quite a few noteworthy takeaways.

However, the most significant revelation by all of these unprecedented dramas is that there are definitely two distinct camps at the very top of peak of the pinnacle of the world power pyramid where it concerns “Disclosure”.

One camp of power-players wants it right now — for some time-sensitive reason — and the other does not.

The most weighty time-sensitive reason appears to be directly related to the roll-out of the present phase of the civilization-wrecking Great Reset.  Establishing a standardized social credit system worldwide via an Internet ID tied to each nation’s CBDCs is just one urgent objective the WEF has at this time.  As follows:

Khazarian Cabal’s Crazy Convoluted Global Scheme
of Distraction, Diversion and Misdirection
during the Great Reset

There has never been another subject matter that has been so intentionally obfuscated and covered up, complicated and obscured by the U.S. Federal Government as the UFO/Alien presence.

And, there are several crucial nuances and well-concealed purposes concerning this highly organized conspiracy to keep the American people in the dark which must and will be addressed during these End Times.  The following short disquisition provides an indispensable understanding about what’s really going on behind the scenes of this never-ending “Greatest Show On Earth”.

Project Blue Beam,
Mirage Men and the
Fight for the Future

KEY POINTS: The main upshot from the preceding link is this: Whoever controls the process of “Disclosure” here on Earth, determines the narrative that humanity will follow for a long time to come.  On the dark side, there are numerous competing narratives all vying for acceptance so that their new control mechanisms can be foisted onto populations everywhere.  As for the light, there’s only one truth narrative; and, it would undoubtedly serve to liberate people around the globe from so much fear and ignorance and limiting understanding.  Which means that everyone’s litmus test, by which to recognize “Disclosure” truth when it appears, is whether it’s fear-producing or peace-producing.

What else is going on with this juvenile global psyop to impossibly deceive the world community of nations about a matter of such great import?

Well, whenever there’s so much money involved you know the Khazarian-owned and -operated Military-Industrial Complex is right there front and center.  And so they are, with their hand out attempting to legally steal TRILLIONS more from the US taxpayer.  Is there anything more costly than systematically weaponizing space?

UFOgate & ALIENgate:
Two Prongs of Stealthy MIC Strategy to Weaponize Space

Doesn’t the age-old wisdom always tell us to follow the money?

No, the many London banksters and BIS moneychangers, MIC lobbyists and New York City brokers, Washington legislators and BlackRock asset managers don’t tell us exactly who is really pulling the strings during the upcoming space show, but they do point the way.

When any serious “Blue Beam” investigator follows the money all the way back to source, the real puppet master is not far away.  And, therein lies the rationale for all the crazy Khazarian showmanship about to be splashed across the skies above a town close to you.

One need look no further than the directors and producers of the 9/11 false flag terror operation to grasp the true intent and timing of what will likely be their final performance on this earthly stage.

So, exactly what will this “Greatest Shock and Awe False Flag Operation” look like?

Because we are dealing with the most highly classified black operation in U.S. history, only Satan really knows how the top secret script plays out.  However, there is every indication that many of the Hollywood movies depicting similar portrayals (think: Independence Day) will be replicated to varying degrees.  Which means that we will see bits and pieces of previous Hollywood-contrived UFO and ET scripts all through this exceptional operazione maggiore of the ages.  After all, that was the very purpose for the whole American body politic being exposed to so much unrelenting and impressive predictive programming over the past several decades.

As for the main event, there is much speculation by those initiated in OPERATION BLUE BEAM theatrics that it will take place in the midst of multiple worldwide crises and highly distracting global calamities such as a 9/11-level false flag terrorist attack(s).  Because of the necessity to keep the vast majority of residents on planet Earth sufficiently panicked by such things as a controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System, that eventuality is also quite likely, especially for the success of the Great Reset.  For only in this manner will folks everywhere be sucked into an “Orson Welles” type of WAR OF THE WORLDS scenario.

KEY POINTS: At this late date, many Americans would actually welcome an overwhelming extraterrestrial invasion if only to upset the apple cart in Washington, D.C. as well as in the City of London, the Vatican and Tel Aviv.  The truth be told, populaces all over the world are waiting to be saved by someone or something, whether it’s Jesus the Christ or the Messiah, the Madhi or Lord Maitreya.  Many folks are in such a desperate situation or dire straights that any alien intervention with the prospect of knocking down the entire BEAST System is fine by them, even if it means a more oppressive system.  In point of fact, citizenries everywhere have been painstakingly socially engineered over decades to absolutely hate their governments and detest all authority (e.g. the COVID-19 Plandemic clusterf*ck).

Back to the PLAN.

Of course, we are all already experiencing this summer’s CLIMATEGEDDON super psyop as well as black op known as OPERATION SCORCHED EARTH.  While they’re setting the stage for a series of even greater climate catastrophes and weather disasters in this fashion, the Khazarian perps are also getting ready to launch Plandemic 2.0.  The same Covid criminals have already begun fear-mongering about the reprise of COVID-19 this summer (Why do all other ‘viral flus’ only explode in the Fall but the non-existent SARS-CoV-2 likes to take off the middle of the summer?!). The CIA’s Mockingbird Media has also issued many reports about various super bugs and different contagions over the past year, all seemingly coming out of nowhere (Read: DARPA bioweapon labs).

It’s of paramount importance for every Patriot to understand that the rapidly unfolding context surrounding the 2024 POTUS election will determine just how crazy the Khazarians get with this super-captivating “Alien Invasion 2024”.  For the only way they can achieve their planned electoral outcome (whatever that is) is to created maximum mayhem and pandemonium in every sphere of life; unless, of course, they pull a “Zelensky” and cancel the election cycle altogether.

In this particular regard, an ultra-dramatic staged invasion from space by evil aliens fits the bill perfectly.  It would serve as the center piece for their 2024 stealection scheme, if they don’t push the button on their long-planned American bolshevik revolution first.

More coming soon in this same post: “The Greatest “Shock and Awe” False Flag Operation in Human History”.  This is going to be a long one because of the sheer depth and breadth of this multi-decade Khazarian conspiratorial plot to brazenly deceive all of humanity.


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