Moscow Inverses Roles in Kiev

by Thierry Meyssan

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Russia did not respond to the Ukrainian events during the Olympic Games in Sochi. [1] Its press continued to make headlines of the exploits of its athletes while there was fighting in Kiev and in several provincial capitals. The Kremlin considered in effect that at any time, the enemies of Russia could still turn its sports festival into a bloodbath.

As expected, power had changed hands in Kiev at the closing of the Games. Westerners, largely misinformed, had the impression of a pro-European revolution. However, disclosure of a telephone conversation between the assistant U.S. Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, and her ambassador, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, left no doubt about the US plot. [2] Using false images, a government of thugs and crooks [3] was transformed into a band of Russophile torturers. [4] As in all the “color revolutions”, mysterious snipers on the rooftops fired upon both the crowd and the police, and the government was held responsible. In the confusion, the West had the impression that “the people” had seized the national palace. In reality, while mostly Nazi activists fought in Maidan Place live on international television, politicians discreetly seized the national palace in another part of the city. From this point of view, Europeans can rest assured that it is not the Nazis who took power.

Ukrainian Nazis have nothing to do with the Western European extreme right-wing, usually openly Zionist (except the French National Front). During the Cold War, they were incorporated into the NATO stay-behind networks operationalized to sabotage the Soviet economy and were maintained by Poland [5] and Lithuania. During the three months of demonstrations, they were joined by Tatar Islamists who came especially from Syria where they practiced jihad. [6] Tatars, historical inhabitants of the Crimea, who were dispersed by Stalin for having supported the Nazis during World War II, are now spread mainly in Ukraine and Turkey. In Maidan Square, they were able to show their know-how acquired in Syria : they blinded and mutilated police. [7]

The revolution in Maidan Square masks an extremely classic coup. [8] In the presence of US “diplomats”, the Rada has violated the constitution which it repealed without a referendum. It dismissed the President without debate or trial and bestowed legislative and executive powers upon Oleksandr Turchinov, the former head of the secret services.

The new dictator appointed Arseniy Yatsenyuk as Prime Minister, which corresponds, miraculously, to the wishes expressed in advance by Victoria Nuland. The new Prime Minister appointed a new cabinet which he presented to the protesters in Maidan Square. These protesters, and many more of which the Nazis now represent no more than a third, booed many of them, because they were Jews.

In the Crimea, where the majority of the population is Russian and where the Russian Navy is based, the Regional Parliament also took on a “revolutionary fervor”, overthrowing the local government (loyal to Kiev) and appointed its own (pro-Russian). Simultaneously, military personnel in uniform, but without a flag or insignia, took over the government buildings and the airport, preventing the new government in Kiev from sending its forces.

In Kiev, the Rada denounced Russian interference and called for respect for the Budapest Memorandum. In 1994, the United States, the United Kingdom and Russia signed an agreement on freezing Ukraine in exchange for its giving up nuclear weapons. [9] But for Moscow, the Memorandum no longer applies because it has been violated by Washington and London since the “Orange Revolution” of 2004 [10] and even more since the coup last week.

What’s going to happen now? On May 25th, Brussels will organize elections to the European Parliament, Kiev will organize a presidential election, while the Crimea will hold a referendum on self-determination. Once independent, Crimea can always choose to link to Russia to which it belonged until 1954. The European Union, in turn, must fulfill the hopes it aroused and therefore pay, with who knows what money, part of the $ 35 billion Ukrainian debt. The Nazis of Maidan Square will not return to the underground, but claim their share of government.

But the story will not be over as long as there remain problems for the Kremlin in the eastern part of Ukraine (which houses a Russian population and defense industry) and Transnistria (the former Bessarabia, which was once the research center for Soviet missiles). This small country, of Russian population, which does not appear on any map because it does not hold a seat at the UN, took its independence upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union, but is considered part of Moldova. It resisted valiantly in a war that it fought with Moldova, Romanian aviation advisors and NATO in 1992. [11] It has since managed to keep the Soviet social model while adopting democratic institutions. Safety is ensured by a Russian “peacekeeping force”. [12] At minimum, twenty square kilometers of Ukraine could rise and join Transnistria to offer it an exit to the Black Sea, but the Ukraine would then be cut off from its western appendix. At best, connecting Crimea to Transnistria would suppose taking hundreds of kilometers of coastline including the city of Odessa.

Disorders will therefore continue in Ukraine, but it will be for the hosers hosed – the United States and the European Union – to bear the weight. Besides the financial burden, how will they manage their victorious Nazi and jihadists allies? Washington’s show of force is turning into a fiasco.

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