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Editor’s Note: There is an extremely dangerous and deadly cancer eating away at the First Amendment which must be excised from the American Republic forever.  That fatal carcinogenic entity, which is slowly killing free speech across the USA, is known as NewsGuard.

There’s no better way to understand the not-so-well-hidden agenda behind NewsGuard than to follow the money.  After all, who would ever financially support such a transparent “Ministry of Truth” except those control freaks who have a strong interest to censor the raw and radioactive truth.  Well, here they are:



Now take a close look at the outrageously woke “Advisors” of this premier censorship organ of the U.S. Federal Government.  Every truth-seeker will get a really good laugh at this list of ultra-liberal closet communists and “Big Brothers & Sisters” who only seek to tell you what to think and what you can read/view/listen to.


Really, Jimmy “the Wikipedia Wackadoodle” Wales is an advisor?!?!

Then there is pathological liar (Ret.) General Michael Hayden.  He’s the guy who, along with 50 other perfidious former intelligence officials, deceitfully signed an open letter concluding a New York Post article relating to then-candidate Joe Biden’s son had “all the classic earmarks” of Russian disinformation.

Next we see that Anders Fogh Rasmussen is on the list above.  He’s the former secretary general of NATO now commonly known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

Honestly, you can’t make this sh*t up!!!  Except that the New World Order globalist cabal did … and to the great detriment of the Republic.

Then there is everyone’s favorite yes man Tom Ridge.  He served as the first Secretary of Homeland Security in the warmongering George W. Bush administration which was responsible for overseeing the 9/11 false flag terrorist operation and obvious inside job.

How about Richard Stengel?  He’s “the former editor of Time magazine and former Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy during the Obama administration. He’s also the author of “Information Wars: How We Lost the Global Battle Against Disinformation and What We Can Do About It.”  WOW!!!  WOW!!!  WOW!!!

Next up is Arne Duncan“the Secretary of Education during the Obama Administration and the former chief executive of Chicago Public Schools, serves as managing partner at Emerson Collective”.  Obama admin! Chicago Public Schools!  U.S. Secretary of Education!  HOLY SHEEEEET!

Then there is Yves Clarisse“an author and journalist who worked for 33 years for Reuters in various positions, most recently as editor-in-chief of the news agency’s French language service”.  That would be Reuter’s of Rothschild fame, by the way.

How about Don Baer who “served as White House Communications Director during the Clinton administration and is former chairman of Burson, Cohn & Wolfe”.  All of them Clintonistas or Obamabots or Bidenites.

We can go on, but surely you get the picture—the Ministry of Truth picture, that is.

N.B. Now read the exposé below to see just how much damage NewsGaurd has already inflict on the sacred Second Amendment.

Super Scam NewsGuard and Co-Conspirator US Government Sued by Consortium News

NewsGuard & US Govt. Sued By Consortium News; Musk Slams ‘Scam’

NewsGuard, a company which claims to rate media outlets’ level of ‘trustworthiness’ and therefore has a meaningful influence over ad revenue, has been sued along with the Biden administration by Consortium News, which also named the Pentagon’s Cyber Command for “contracting with NewsGuard to identify, report and abridge the speech of American media organizations that dissent from U.S. official positions on foreign policy.”

According to the complaintNewsGuard is “acting jointly or in concert with the United States to coerce news organizations to alter viewpoints” regarding Ukraine, Russia and Syria, and has imposed a form of “censorship and repression of views” that diverge from US policies and those of its allies, the complaint says.

Consortium also notes that NewsGuard has branded the entirety of Consortium News’ 20,000+ articles as ‘unreliable’ based on just six examples they took issue with (which is the exact same thing they do with ZeroHedge and other independent media).

NewsGuard uses its software to tag targeted news sites, including all 20,000+ Consortium News articles an videos published since 1995, with warnings to “proceed with caution,” telling NewsGuard subscribers that Consortium News produces “disinformation,” “false content” and is an “anti-U.S.” media organization, even though NewsGuard only took issue with a total of six CN articles and none of its videos.

The complaint seeks a permanent injunction declaring the joint program unconstitutional; barring the government and NewsGuard from continuing such practices and more than $13 million in damages for defamation and civil rights violations. –Consortium News

Last week former Trump administration official Mike Benz noted on X that Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is an adviser to NewsGuard, and that the nanny organization was “knee deep in a plot to get [governments] to bankrupt alternative news. NewsGuard worked [with the] EU on new disinformation code. Its biz model has ‘disinformation compliance’ services [with the] censorship laws it promotes.”


In another X thread, Elon Musk called Newsguard a “scam” after they gave political commentator Tim Pool a strike “because we ran 5 stories out of nearly 5,000 that quoted [former President Donald] Trump.”

Acording to Uncover DCNewsGuard has contracts with the DoD, WHO, Pfizer, Microsoft & AFT.

Co-CEOs Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz claim it is the librarian for the internet.” Set up specifically to rate online journalistic integrity, Brill states NewsGuard provides services that explain to people something about the reliability and trustworthiness and background of those who are feeding them the news.” Eric Effron is the organization’s Editorial Director.

Brill is a Yale graduate and lawyer who has authored multiple best-selling books and was, among other things, CEO of Verified Identity Pass, Inc., the first U.S. biometric Voluntary Credentialing Program that went bankrupt in 2009. It was the parent company of CLEAR which went back online in 2010 and then went public in 2021.

According to MintPressNews, “Crovitz held a number of positions at Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal, eventually becoming executive vice president of the former and the publisher of the latter before both were sold to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in 2007. He is also a board member of Business Insider, which has received over $30 million from Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos in recent years.”

Crovitz’s alliances might account for the organization’s favorable 100 ratings for WSJ and the Washington Post. He is also a contributor “to books published by the American Enterprise Institute and Heritage Foundation,” which are also favorably rated by NewsGuard.

*  *  *

NewsGuard’s directorsadvisors, and investors are an interesting cast of characters. One of the investors, Publicis Groupe, is “the third largest communications group in the world.” Publicic allegedly has “shadowy ties to Saudi Arabia.” Pfizer and Bayer/Monsanto are two of its top clients. Ironically, many of the advisors/directors are former U.S. government officials, entertainment moguls, and journalists “associated with agencies known for producing false news.”

Among the advisors is Michael Hayden, former Director of the NSA and CIA, who was “the architect of George W. Bush’s secret domestic spying program.” Tom Ridge was the first Office of Homeland Security Director following 9/11. Richard Stengel “is a former senior official in Obama’s state department who once described his role as being that of ‘chief propagandist.‘”

And as the Epoch Times noted in August, NewsGuard presents itself as objective and nonpartisan. Its ratings, the company says, measure media quality on nine criteria, including transparency of authorship and ownership and adherence to standard editorial practice, such as issuing corrections and labeling opinion pieces. In practice, however, most of the score boils down to whether the media present content that, in NewsGuard’s opinion, is truthful.

The first criterion specifically looks at whether the target repeatedly publishes false claims. Another examines whether it publishes news “responsibly.” But failing the first one means failing the second one, NewsGuard explains on its website. Yet another criterion is whether the target uses accurate headlines.

Again, if the headline says something NewsGuard considers to be untrue, that counts as a failure. Another criterion looks for a policy of regularly correcting errors—or what NewsGuard considers to be errors. Together, these four criteria add up to more than 60 points of the 100-point score.

Even if NewsGuard can’t find anything to dispute, it can still dock points if the target doesn’t sufficiently represent opinions the company would like to see.

Such content providers “egregiously cherry pick facts or stories to advance opinions,” it argues.

Meanwhile, at least 60 points are needed for NewsGuard to issue its “credible” rating.

This methodology becomes particularly problematic when NewsGuard itself is wrong on the facts. For example, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company considered false the notion that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China. If a news outlet with a perfect score responsibly reported on the extensive circumstantial evidence indicating a lab leak, it ran the risk of NewsGuard decimating its score and falsely labelling it an “unreliable” source that “severely violates basic journalistic standards.”

The COVID-19 origins issue was a rare case in which NewsGuard eventually issued a correction, though it only went as far as saying that the lab leak hypothesis couldn’t be completely ruled out.



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