Over 300 Classified Emails and the Pentagon Still Won’t Tell Us if Hillary Endangered National Security

Melissa Dykes


You know how many people are lying right now to cover Hillary’s butt with this email thing? It’s gotta be a whole lot. We live in a country where one time a woman went away to prison for years because on her third strike she stole a $40 toolbox. But Hillary? How is she even still running for president while this investigation over storing top secret emails on her personal server at her house continues?

This week the Pentagon danced around questions about Hillary’s unsecured private home server and the 305 emails containing classified info that were found there.

When asked about it, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook went with,  “I think this an issue best left to the State Department. They’ve had to address this and also Secretary Clinton. It’s not something that I think makes sense for me to get into from right here at this podium.”

So it’s best left to the department Hillary ran (badly) when this email mess was going on? Gee. Great. You’ve also gotta love “It’s not something that…makes sense for me to get into right here…”

Wha? Huh? You mean, right there at the inaugural briefing for reporters for the Pentagon??

“Yeah, uh, the Pentagon inaugural briefing for reporters is not a place for the Pentagon Press Secretary to get into questions regarding Pentagon-related items that directly effect the Pentagon.”

The narrative is getting so ridiculous at this point that either they are just obfuscating reality on purpose because of Hillary’s presidential race because all the megacorporations and Wall St. have spent so much money on her as a candidate that she has to stay in…

OR… the Pentagon is classifying stuff top secret that really shouldn’t be top secret because it doesn’t really affect national security the way they claim it does… obviously.


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