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To put it bluntly, dogs get shot and killed by police all the time in this country.

If it is a SWAT raid, it almost comes standard as a part of having one’s house raided that if the person has a dog, that dog is going to get shot and possibly killed by police. Puppycide, as it is sometimes called, shows up in the news on at least a weekly, if not every-other-day basis, but there’s no way to know just how common of an occurrence it truly is. There’s no database on how many people’s pets are murdered by police each year, so we just have to guess. Somehow, in the year of big data 2015, the Justice Department just now got around to discussing the fact that there’s no database being kept on how many people are shot by cops each year, so who knows when if ever there will be an official database on the number of pets killed by cops.

The stories are downright sad and depressing. Many times its a homeowner calling for help because they think their house is being robbed, and the cops show up to “help” by killing the homeowner’s beloved pet for seemingly no justifiable reason. Incidents run the gamut from something like this guy who said it took cops two hours to respond to his burglary call, and when police showed up, they immediately shot his dog in the head for barking, to this officer who shot a puppy in front of children and laughed about it afterward. Hell, this officer shot this cute fluffy little cat, shattering his front legs. Why? He claimed he was afraid the cat might be rabid.

Look at this cat. Does it look “scary” to you?

The police always say use of lethal force against the animals was necessary because they feared for their safety against the animals. Funny that, considering members of the post office who are not armed manage their daily work duties coming into contact with people’s pet dogs all the time and somehow are not huddling in a corner in fear of them. Somehow the mail still gets delivered every day without people’s pets being shot and killed all the time. It’s almost as if our postal workers have more courage than our police.

And why exactly are police so downright fearful of dogs that police state puppycide is occurring at an alarming rate and becoming a regular trend?

Because the truth is, dogs aren’t killing cops.

Check out the stats:

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, a national database of law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, 15 deaths in the past 70 years have been animal-related, but none of them involved a dog attack. (Almost all involved horses or insect stings.) One would expect, then, that there would be very little need to use a firearm.

Fifteen animal-related police officer deaths in America in the last 70 YEARS, and NONE of them — not a single one — involved a dog attack.

And that’s just as far back as that database goes. Who knows if a cop has ever been killed by a dog in this country.

So then…

Why are so many people’s pets winding up dead these days at the hands of the police who swear to “serve and protect”? It cannot be justified the same way as killing crime suspects is. There is no sordid history of dogs killing officers to build upon here. History shows it simply does not happen.

Cops apparently have a bigger chance of dying by a bee or wasp sting than they do from a dog bite.

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