Russia and America Need to Be Allies Not Enemies

by Dr Sircus

Iraqis Yazidis, who fled their homes a week ago when Islamic State (IS) militants attacked the town of Sinjar, gather inside a building under construction where they found refuge

Iraqis Yazidis, who fled their homes a week ago when Islamic State (IS) militants attacked the town of Sinjar, gather inside a building under construction where they found refuge Photo: UNICEF

Though hard to fathom, there have always been barbarians, people who can hardly be called human, that have inhabited our planet since the beginning of time. Modern psychology calls them psychopaths and sociopaths. In the last century, we have also called them Nazi, communists under the leadership of Stalin, Lenin and Mao, and of course, there were the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia proving repeatedly how lacking in love the human spirit can be.

Americans do not like to include themselves on the list even though their president now acts like a hit man with his drones and kill lists to entertain him for breakfast. The American government included torture after 9-11 and makes sure even their own citizens are kept in line or in jail. The war on drugs is just one example how the meanness of spirit can take hold and destroy millions of lives. One can go on and on listing those who have chosen the dark side of life. Rapists and pedophiles also enjoy being on this list and unfortunately they are all too common.

There does not seem to be a limit to human darkness though love still exists—just not in the right places. Christ was not joking when he said it was harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel to thread the eye of a needle.

Recently the world has been getting more upsetting as human darkness and insanity is on the rise—especially in the middle east, which is falling apart at the seams. Personally, I reached a saturation point when I read the following about how ISIS has encircled thousands of Yazidi civilians on a remote mountainside.

The Christian Science Monitor says Sunni Arab militants in northern Iraq are hunting down and killing large numbers of minority Yazidis, acts that amount to genocide, according to a senior United Nations official.

According to UN officials and Yazidi elders, the militants have killed hundreds of Yazidis, a secretive faith with pre-Islamic roots. Others have been taken as slaves. Tens of thousands have taken refuge on Sinjar Mountain, their traditional refuge over centuries of persecution, and are appealing for emergency aid.

Unlike Christians, who have been told they must either pay a religious tax or convert to Islam to avoid death, the Yazidis are considered by Sunni militants to be infidels who deserve extermination.

The UN is still gathering numbers but it believes hundreds of Yazidis have been killed while others, primarily women, have been abducted and taken into slavery.

“They consider us infidels so they are killing us and taking away the women,” says Vian Dakhil, a Yazedi member of parliament, her eyes filling with tears after taking a call from a Yzedi man who told her three of his five children had died on the mountain.

Obama is coming down on the right side of things protecting the Yazidi from outright genocide. But let us not get too excited because it seems like he and his crew are also planning or risking a nuclear war with Russia and then it won’t matter who gets saved now because if there is such a war billions will perish.

David Stockman, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, writes, “Washington Opened The Gates Of Hell In Iraq: Now Come The Furies. The mayhem being visited on much of Iraq by American tanks, armored personnel carriers, heavy artillery, anti-aircraft batteries and other advanced weaponry that has fallen into the hands of the very jihadist radicals that have been the ostensible target of Washington’s entire multi-trillion “war on terrorism.” No question about it. The ISIS terrorists are winning against the hapless Iraqi military and even the formidable Kurdish peshmerga fighters—using some of the most lethal arms that the US military-industrial complex could concoct.”

“For the US government, “there might be a humanitarian catastrophe” in Mount Sinjar in Iraq, involving 40,000 people. As for at least 730,000 eastern Ukrainians, they have the solemn right to be shelled, bombed, air-stricken and turned into refugees,” writes Pepe Escobar.

Malaysia’s no.1 newspaper, The New Straits Times, denying that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, printed that the Russian Defense Minister had issued a video recording that showed the presence of a Sukhoi 25 (Su-25) Ukraine fighter jet that was detected flying at a distance of three to five km from the aircraft before the incident. The story is going around the Internet that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a fighter that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth. At this point, there does not seem to be hard proof one-way or another but that has not stopped the western media from viciously blaming Russia and the Russian separatists for the event that ended many lives.

“The stranglehold of the Western world’s financial banking system by the elites is not about to be easily wrested from them. The willingness to see Ukraine destroyed as a nation, as well as so many innocent lives, is an example of how the elite-led US warmonger will do whatever it takes to try to weaken and demonize Russia and Putin. The fact that Obama stated that the downing of Malaysian flight 17 was Putin’s doing, immediately after the event, and parading fawning US generals on national television to also echo that Russia was to blame prove to be totally false. It has since been proven that the US-directed Kiev/ air military purposefully shot down the commercial airliner, killing all innocent people onboard as an act to blame Russia.  This is how the elites operate, not caring who or how many people are killed in their pursuit of maintaining monetary control,” writes Edge Trader Plus.

Islamic barbarism

When aliens invade the earth, as they have done many times on film, humans normally forget their differences and band together against a common enemy. Though the west hardly deserves to be left standing, no sane people can accept the kind of Islamic barbarism spreading out across Iraq and Syria. Holy War has been declared! If you do not believe that the video series below will take you right into the heart of the holy hell-fire that is promising to never stop.



Want to know what is in store when the Muslim population reaches parity with Christians in a country? On April 14, a group of Islamist militants attacked a school in Chibok, a settlement in the northern Nigerian state of Borno. The militants, members of a particularly brutal group called Boko Haram, kidnapped over 300 girls. The name of the group is most accurately translated as “Western culture is Islamically forbidden, “and it despises the idea of educating girls. It has waged a brutal insurgency from its base in northeastern Nigeria and several surrounding nations with the goal of imposing strict Islamic law in Nigeria, the population of which is roughly half-Muslim and half Christian.

Republican U.S. Senator John McCain said recently that President Barack Obama’s limited military action against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq showed a “fundamental misunderstanding of the threat,” and called for strikes against the group’s positions in Syria, The New York Times reported.

McCain thinks that the airstrikes authorized by the president are not enough to deal with a growing threat to the United States that he called “the richest, most powerful terrorist organization in history. Obviously, the president of the United States does not appreciate this is not just a threat to American troops on the ground or even Iraq or Kurdistan. This is a threat to America,” he said. McCain is correct here, this is the first true threat, all others have been fabricated and have led to ISIS.

Paul Craig Roberts writes about the mess we are in saying, “The consequence of Washington’s reckless and irresponsible political and military interventions in Iraq, Libya, and Syria has been to unleash evil. The various sects that lived in peace under the rule of Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad are butchering one another, and a new group, ISIS, is in the process of creating a new state out of parts of Iraq and Syria. The turmoil brought into the Middle East by the Bush and Obama regimes has meant death and displacement for millions and untold future deaths.”

“The overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine, and the replacing of it with a fascist junta, was a direct attack, not just on Ukraine, but on Russia. The elected Ukrainian government was becoming friendlier to Russia. It was removed. Now, Ukraine’s natural gas is under the control of entities directly linked to the family of Vice President Joe Biden. Ukraine, like Libya, Syria, and Iraq, is the scene of an intense civil war. Violence and chaos tend to halt economic activity. Despite Milton Friedman’s rhetoric about “market solutions”, Wall Street cannot allow any competitors. It does not try to defeat its competition by making better products or lowering its prices. Rather, it defeats is economic rivals with bullets, drones, cruise missiles, foreign backed insurgencies, and other forms of outright violence,” writes Caleb Maupin.

Actually, it is a threat to the whole world and especially to the world of women. We have a holy war on our hands whether we like it or not.

My principal object in coming to Hindustan has been to accomplish two things. The first was to war with the infidels, the enemies of the Mohammad religion; and by this religious warfare to acquire some claim to reward in the life to come. The other was that the army of Islam might gain something by plundering the wealth and valuables of the infidels: plunder in war is as lawful as their mother’s milk to Musalmans who war for their faith.
Amir Timur

Daniel Pipes writes, “Islam is a 6th century barbaric and murderous religion. All Islamic countries and dictatorships would love to see the west and the US subdued under Islam and Shari’a law. They would also love to see the rest squirm under dhimmitude and pay jiyza tax too. That is what this war, this global jihad is all about. Islam wants to take over the world and force everyone under their barbaric and murderous ways.”
The aftermath of an Islamist bomb directed at Pakistani Shiites (Photo: AFP/Getty)

John Wright writes, “I was castigated for calling Islam a barbaric religion. I am confident than even a cursory examination of the Koran will convince an open-minded reader that the religion of Mohammed calls for the violent conversion, extermination, or reduction to Dhimmitude of the unbeliever, and that no parable telling the faithful to love their enemies or turn the other cheek when struck is present. Islam does not become a civilized religion, and Islamic nations do not become safe neighbors, merely because we put the word “barbarian” in sneer quotes. Let me remind you what barbarism is: “… noticing her baby, they pulled him out of her arms and, in a Herodian display of evil cut off her breasts. She survived but had to suffer watching her child die a slow agonizing death with no sustenance.” At his moment in history, Islam, in one interpretation is the fountainhead of bloodshed, a grave threat to civilization.”

However, western societies themselves are hardly civilized with psychopathic monsters sitting at the top lording over and raping just about everyone beneath. We have incredibly dangerous problems with no solutions. There is no way out of our human insanity. Love is an answer but there are too many who respond to love with hate.

Who is going to Save the World?

Who can save the world from these bloodthirsty Islamic warriors? A better question is who is going to save the world from American aggression and their desire for continued control of the world? Moreover, no one has been able to save the world from the Rothschilds.

We live in perilous times. The globe is cooling because the sun has cycled down, fresh water is quickly running out for hundreds of millions, food will run out for billions, financial insanity will bite down hard destroying what has been an insane economic system that breeds corruption, crime and human brutality. We have polluted our world and are in the process of destroying the quality of our food supplies all of which leave our children and us extremely vulnerable.

The only condolence I can give my fellow humans is that we are all going to die anyway—that is the greatest certainty of life. Accepting our final fate without fear or remorse perhaps gives us the spirit to live life to the fullest in the present as the world begins to burn down around us.

While the west has strength, it should unite with Russia and Iran and other Moslems not dead set on conquering the world and fight the only fight that is worth fighting. At this point, everything else is a sideshow. Unfortunately, Israel is a wild card with just about everyone as enemies. Even Europe is abandoning them as much as is possible politically.

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