Imminent Sign of Market Collapse?

April 21, 2017 0

BY BRIAN MAHER POSTED APRIL 20, 2017 Imminent Sign of Market Collapse? We have it on high authority — Reuters — that “the ‘reflation’ trades of 2016 that were supposed to mark a turning point […]


The Ugly End to a Seven-Year Borrowing Binge

October 21, 2015 0

The bond market just flashed another warning sign… Many professional investors watch the bond market, which is about 50% bigger than the stock market, for clues about the rest of the economy. The bond market […]


This is When Bonds Go Kaboom!

September 30, 2015 0

by Wolf Richter The toxic miasma of “distressed debt.” It’s getting tougher out there for our QE and ZIRP-coddled corporate junk-bond heroes. Unisys, whose revenues and profits decline year after year and whose stock dropped […]