The Living Dead Pax Americana

October 1, 2021 0

Perth in Australia will be a forward base for nuclear-powered and nuclear weapon-carrying American subs. by Pepe Escobar – posted with the author’s permission and cross-posted widely.  Pax Americana was always a minor character in […]



September 25, 2020 0

Martin Armstrong   Suffice it to say, Europe has been conquered according to VERY RELIABLE SOURCES, and as such, the main focus has been on subjugating the Anglo-Saxon countries. This is why we see absolutely ruthless […]


No Lives Matter

August 24, 2020 0

AuthorRobert Gore Our dystopia is their utopia. Guest post by Robert Gore at Straight Line Logic The only way to control a substantial population is to murder enough that the rest are terrified into submission. But it […]


Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange

April 18, 2019 1

The British, Australian, Ecuadorian and US Governments have made an ad about Julian Assange’s arrest and it’s surprisingly honest and informative!


The True Story Of How War Broke Out In Syria

August 17, 2016 0

by Tyler Durden Submitted by Steven Sahiounie via American Herald Tribune, The day before September 11, 2001 was like any normal day in New York City.  September 10, 2001 was unaware of the earthshaking events […]