The Mosul Massacres: the Banality of Evil Revisited.

April 3, 2017 0

By Anwar Khan What is the moral difference–if any– between the intentional shooting at fleeing civilians and using them as human shields on the one hand, and the flattening of entire neighborhoods, killing hundreds of […]


The Confession of the Criminal John Kerry

January 17, 2017 0

The war against Syria is the first to have been waged, for more than six years, in the digital era. A wealth of documents which should have remained secret for many years have already been […]


America and the Plague of ‘Moral Idiocy’

September 8, 2016 0

By Prof. Lawrence Davidson When it comes to applying rules of international law and ethics, the U.S. government and its mainstream media operate with stunning hypocrisy, what might be called “moral idiocy,” says Lawrence Davidson. […]


Saudi Arabia Uncovered

March 29, 2016 0

Documentary revealing the hidden and secret reality inside Saudi Arabia, by ITV, the UK  


Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?

October 20, 2014 0

By Paul Craig Roberts Experts have brought to the public’s attention that ebola is a genetically modified organism developed in US biowarfare laboratories in Africa. In the two articles below reproduced from Tom Feeley’s Information Clearing […]


Time Magazine Accidentally Reveals Greater Autism Fraud

September 2, 2014 0

Jon Rappoport Time Magazine (8/28) is covering the ongoing CDC whistleblower scandal. (“Whistleblower Claims CDC Covered Up Data Showing Vaccine-Autism Link,” by Alice Park) In one piece of one sentence, without meaning to, the article […]

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