It Is A Bloodbath For The Mainstream Media

January 24, 2024 0

by Michael Should any of us be surprised that the news industry is being hit by a massive wave of layoffs?  Survey after survey has shown that the American people have lost faith in the mainstream […]


WHO Releases Guide to ‘Combating Misinformation’

November 23, 2022 1

Story at-a-glance The World Health Organization announced that it’s working with Big Tech to combat misinformation online As a result of WHO’s “policy updates,” 850,000 YouTube videos related to “harmful or misleading COVID-19 misinformation” were […]


The Meaning of Incredible – Kunstler

August 19, 2022 0

We’re witnessing the destruction of every institution in the land and nobody knows how to stop it…. The CDC seems to think nobody will notice its crimes, and the crimes of its sister agencies, FDA, […]

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