November 12, 2021 1

•••• The Liberty Beacon Project is now expanding at a near exponential rate, and for this we are grateful and excited! But we must also be practical. For 7 years we have not asked for […]


‘Get Sicker’: Anatomy Of A Failed Policy

September 1, 2021 4

By Mary Beth Pfeiffer Twenty-seven-year-old Ankit Dubey was sick and terrified. He could hear sirens blaring across Lucknow, his home in northern India. He had been warned away from hospitals. People in his middle-class neighborhood […]


Science Journals Engaged in Massive Disinformation Campaign

July 7, 2021 0

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCE The Lancet and Nature have both promoted the natural origin theory for SARS-CoV-2, and protected the theory by refusing to publish counter arguments and/or publishing scientific statements by individuals […]


The Great Big Delta Scare

July 5, 2021 0

Raúl Ilargi Meijer Why the Delta scare? As a virus mutates, it becomes more contagious and less lethal. And then eventually it mostly disappears. Many voices claim that Delta will be with us for a […]


Digital travel pass comes into force in the EU

July 1, 2021 1

Newsroom The new EU-wide travel pass, aiming to facilitate movement across the bloc during the pandemic, came into force on Thursday. The Digital Covid Certificate – or Digital Green Certificate – is to be used […]


Let’s Save Some More Lives

June 23, 2021 1

Raúl Ilargi Meijer This is kind of a sequel to Let’s Save Some Lives , published here on June 6, when I said “All we can do is hope our immune systems are strong enough to fight off […]


Science Has Become A Cartel

May 24, 2021 0

There’s a reason the medical establishment dismissed the lab leak theory BY MATTHEW CRAWFORD The idea that SARS-CoV-2 was engineered in a laboratory, and then escaped accidentally, always had a certain plausibility. The virus first appeared […]

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