Wealth Abuse

Epic Battle: Hedge Funds Versus China

February 2, 2016 0

by John Rubino on February 2, 2016 George Soros’ successful bet against the British pound back in 1992 remains one of financial history’s epic tales. The short version of the story begins with Britain linking […]

Wealth Abuse

Risk Off! For Now

January 4, 2016 0

by John Rubino The sound money community woke up this morning to a world finally behaving rationally — which is to say cowering in abject terror at the prospect of insane levels of debt, criminal […]


As The World Rolls Over

November 13, 2015 1

by John Rubino Brutal news is pouring in from pretty much everywhere. US retail sales are flat and wholesale prices are falling. Big retail chains are missing on earnings and seeing their shares plunge. Chinese […]


Screwed By The System, With No End In Sight

November 2, 2015 0

by John Rubino on November 2, 2015 Bloomberg just cited some stats that validate the average American’s sense of being ripped off: Here’s How Much QE Helped Wall Street Steamroll Main Street Wall Street is […]

Wealth Abuse

On Monday, It’s China Versus Greece

June 29, 2015 0

by John Rubino Fear and greed are both getting a serious workout lately, but Monday will be even more fun than usual because of two big stories that hit over the weekend. First, Greece decided […]


No Money, No Growth

May 18, 2015 0

by John Rubino Last August, the US Fed stopped creating new currency out of thin air and dumping it into the banking system. Which is another way of saying the US money supply stopped growing. […]