Will the Allies Have to Die for Kiev?

April 20, 2021 0

The Ukrainian population is divided between a part of European culture and another of Russian culture. This singularity offers Washington a playground against Moscow. For several weeks now, the drums have been beating, sounding war. […]

World Affairs

The British Hand In The Ukraine Crisis

April 19, 2021 0

The LaRouche Organization As tensions remain high between Ukraine and Russia, the British announced they will send two naval warships into the Black Sea, replacing American ships which cancelled their visit. The Ukraine crisis is […]


Why It’s Necessary to End NATO

March 9, 2021 0

Eric ZUESSE The only way to end America’s aspiration to control the entire world is to end NATO, because NATO was built upon that evil aspiration, Eric Zuesse writes. On February 24th, Medea Benjamin and Nicolas […]

World Affairs

Putin, Crusaders and Barbarians

March 2, 2021 0

Civilized NATO might want to rethink picking a fight with the lateral heirs of the Great Khan By PEPE ESCOBAR Moscow is painfully aware that the US/NATO “strategy” of containment of Russia is already reaching fever […]


NATO Puzzle

December 8, 2020 0

No one challenged NATO rules during the Cold War except France. But in view of its excesses since 2001, each of its members (except Turkey) is thinking of getting out of it, including the United […]

World Affairs

Who’s World Order??

November 16, 2020 0

In his Foreign Policy article of April 2020, Biden states that he will reverse Trump’s embarrassing foreign policy record by standing up to both China, Russia and other totalitarian nations which represent the three-fold plague […]

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