World Affairs

Russia, Syria And The Clash Of Empires

October 8, 2015 0

BY: JERRY ROBINSON ANALYSIS: Russia, Syria and the Clash of Empires Two days after U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin smiled and shook hands in front of cameras, Moscow launched surprise airstrikes […]



October 7, 2015 0

JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER Senior administration officials say the new offensive holds promise and may change the dynamics on the ground. — The New York Times Whew…. That’s reassuring. Finally, a Middle East policy you can […]

World Affairs

There will be no Third World War

September 29, 2015 0

by Thierry Meyssan The liberal hawks and the neo-conservatives have been unable to provoke the confrontation with Russia for which they were trained during the Cold War. Finally, the voice of reason has prevailed. While […]