British Warships Enter South China Sea

July 28, 2021 0

The UK plans to permanently deploy two warships to Asia by Dave DeCamp The UK’s new aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, and its strike group are making their way into the South China Sea […]


China threatens to begin World War III

July 20, 2021 0

We will use nuclear bombs continuously’ By Bob Unruh A video has appeared online that reportedly is circulating among Chinese Communist Party channels in which the repressive regime on the mainland there threatens to unleash a […]


The Day The World Ended

April 28, 2021 0

Listen to this article. The day the world ended began like any other day. People woke up, had their coffee, checked their social media, kissed their loved ones, went to work. Nobody knew it was […]


What just happened in the Ukraine?

April 26, 2021 0

[this analysis was written for the Unz Review] Before we look into what just happened in the Ukraine, we need to first recall the sequence of events which lead to the current situation. I will try […]

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