Terrorist State Of Israel Just Blew Up The International Diplomatic Order—FOREVER!

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Editor’s Note: What the rogue terrorist state of Israel just did is so beyond the beyond it’s difficult to explain the far-reaching repercussions and huge ramifications concerning the world order status quo.  Not that the Zionist nation had to prove that it was a reckless pariah state of the highest order, capable of carrying out any act of terrorism whatsoever, anytime, anywhere.  These people are simply not human, and certainly of the lowest form of demonic entities ever to inhabit the Earth.


However, the real problem that the satanic cabal in Tel Aviv just created is this:  The crazed Zionists have likely triggered what may be the initial stages of the hot phase of World War III with this exceedingly savage war crime in Syria as described below.  Little do the Khazarian barbarians who rule the apartheid State of Israel know that Iran currently possesses the most advanced drone weaponry technology on the planet.  And, that they now have missile capability far beyond what has been publicly released.  Not only that, but Hezbollah has been continuously armed with various types of weaponry which, when unleashed, will make virtually all of northern Israel uninhabitable.

The upshot of this discussion is that Iran, Hezbollah and Syria could turn Tel Aviv into a parking lot if they really wanted to.  They could certainly terrorize much of Israel with random and sporadic attacks just like the IDF does daily throughout Syria.  Now that Israel’s Khazarian Mafia has irreversibly alienated both Russia and China, they will also have to contend with the blowback from them as each cuts an increasingly larger profile in the Middle East.

Where it concerns Israel’s relationship with both the United States and United Kingdom, there can be only one conclusion at this point, especially after Netanyahu indignantly canceled his trip to the U.S.  That between now and the POTUS election, Israel is on its own.  Biden has already lost ALL of his pro-Palestinian base and will lose many more pro-peace liberals over the next 7 months.  He has also forever lost the many antiwar Democrats because of Israel’s hideous mass murder of tens of thousands of innocent women and children, elderly and infirm throughout Gaza.

Does Biden want Netanyahu gone?

Which literally means that Israel appears to be risking its very existence with each successive terrorist attack that the IDF and MOSSAD carry out anywhere in the Mideast.  This is what extremely dangerous mad men do when they don’t get what they really want—the successful completion of their daffy Greater Israel project.  However, the more doomed that absurd takeover project becomes, the more the Khazarians lash out at anyone within their reach, who are often the most defenseless and powerless like the people in Rafah are.  At this point, the utterly savage Zionist animals only seek vicious revenge and retribution for perceived wrongs.

If ever the writing is on the wall for the brutal Zionist regime in Jerusalem, it is right now.  Every single bad move they make going forward has the potential to boomerang right back at them, and in ways they will deeply regret.  There are very good reasons why comment sections, chat rooms and forums across the Internet now commonly refer to it as ISRAHELL.

Multiple IRGC Generals Reported Killed In Israeli Attack On Iranian Embassy In Syria


Update(1450ET): Tehran is vowing a “harsh” response to the Israeli attack on its embassy and consulate earlier in the day, which killed at least five to eight people, reportedly including IRGC leaders. Iran’s foreign minister slammed it as “a violation of all international obligations and conventions” while the Syrian government denounced it as a “terrorist attack”.

Iran’s Ambassador to Syria Hossein Akbari was not injured in the attack, which appeared to have occurred at the moment a high level meeting was taking place. Iranian state media has since confirmed the death of Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in the elite Quds Force of the IRGC. There are further indicators that two more top IRGC commanders may be among the slain

“Tasnim reported that Zahedi’s deputy was also killed in the strike,” regional media further confirms.

Depending on Iran’s response, this could be the start of an all-out regional war. For months now, Iranian-made ballistic missiles and drones have rained down on Israel, fired by Iran’s proxies in Lebanon and Yemen. This new brazen Israeli attack on Iran’s embassy takes things into uncharted territory, and also opens up the potential for the Iranians to target Israeli embassies abroad.

The annex or consular building next to the embassy in Mezzeh district was flattened in the strike

Via Reuters

* * *

There are emerging reports and accompanying video confirmation that an Israeli airstrike destroyed part of the complex of the Iranian embassy in the Syrian capital on Monday.

Syrian state media is also reporting that Israel conducted a rare daytime strike in the vicinity of the Iranian embassy in Damascus. Video shows that the entire front of the embassy complex and drive along with a side annex building have been destroyed.

However, the embassy building itself is standing and appears to have not been directly struck in the attack. Regional reports say an annex of the main embassy was taken out.

This may have been a targeted strike on a top Iranian security official, given Reuters is now reporting that the strikes killed the leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Syria, Mohammad Reza Zahedi…


Below is local footage showing a row of vehicles on fire in the attack aftermath:

Amid unverified early reports, a regional monitor has said the death toll is at eight killed in the strikes on the Iran embassy annex in Damascus.

According to Israeli media, the attack occurred during a meeting of top-level officials:

Initial reports citing Iranian media say senior IRGC official Mohammad Reza Zahedi was killed in the alleged Israeli strike. 

The strike occurred during a meeting involving senior regional figures, adding a layer of complexity to the incident. New images released by Syrian media outlets depict the aftermath of the airstrike, revealing significant damage to the targeted building and its surroundings.

Reuters cites Iran’s SSN news website, which alleges that the Israeli airstrike specifically targeted Iran’s consulate and ambassador’s residence in Damascus.

Earlier on Monday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed damage to Eilat navy base on the Red Sea, in what appeared to be an unprecedented targeted drone launch by Iran-backed Iraqi militia.

Oil prices are already reacting to this increased geopolitical tension…

This was a very high risk strike also given the Iranian embassy is right next door to the Canadian embassy.

The Mezzeh area of Damascus is also lined with restaurants, malls, and bars — and also is home to an important military airport and some key government facilities.

There’s a lot of daily foot traffic at the Iranian embassy too, given that Damascus has long been a Shia pilgrimage spot and sees a constant influx of Iranian visitors.

An Al Jazeera correspondent, Zeina Khodr, has highlighted international law and norms regarding banning aggression against countries’ sovereign diplomatic sites in the following…

“Killing of top Iran Quds Force commander in Damascus is a major blow … but Iranian media says bldg destroyed was part of Iranian consulate – Israel hit a diplomatic mission which should enjoy immunity – Israel has crossed red lines – how will Iran react?

This now opens up the possibility that Tehran could strike back at Israel’s embassies and consulates abroad, in yet more worrying and unpredictable escalation.

Moon of Alabama writes, “Israeli officials in embassies around the world will now be forced to limit their movements in the general public as they are the most likely targets of revenge strikes.”




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