The New Definition of Terrorism

(2) Something shifted after the election of Barack H Obama in 2008. Something subtle that was quietly taking place in the background that surfaced just slow enough so that most people didn’t notice. 
(3) But before getting to that, let’s first just look at the DHS announcement as presented in their words.

(4) Look at this small sentence and the worldview it expresses:

..”Such threats are also exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions.”..

Notice the word “perceived”? 

(5) The government imposed mandates, mask and vaccination requirements are only “perceived government restrictions.”

In essence, the chains that bind your expressions of liberty and freedom are merely figments of your imagination. 

(6) The needle being forced into the arm of federal workers by the Federal Government is only the perception of a forced medical treatment.

Your perception of what they are doing is the problem. 

(7) You must therefore correct your wrong-thoughts to eliminate the wrong perception. Yes, Dear Leader appreciates your compliance.

Your reluctance to change your perception is what identifies you as an extremist. Think about that for a moment with your friends and family.

(8) The label of Domestic Extremist is applied to the target who is reluctant to change their perception.

The target is transparently innocent of any wrongdoing.

They are doing, feeling, believing, and ultimately living, exactly the same as they always have…. 

(9) …. but something now is different. You are transparently innocent, yet you are now guilty and labeled.

This takes our conversation to an inflection point. 

(10) When Barack H Obama was elected/installed as the President of the United States, the people in/around him brought forward a new approach.
(11) While the U.S. media had always been biased, manipulative and dishonest, there was something more that changed after the installation of The One, the Lightbringer… and it was assisted by the rise of Big Tech and Social Media. 
(12) The shift coincided with the merge between the intelligence apparatus and the new platforms of social media. The speed of the shift aligned with the speed of technology that was driving communication. 
(13) Together the intelligence apparatus, the customary U.S. media and Big Tech began testing how far and how fast they could control the outlook of Americans.

Historic leftists, progressives, used to justify their own behavior, and the behavior of their tribe through the media. 

(14) History is replete with leftist media excusing the behavior of the transparently guilty.

The media would create narratives to justify extremism they aligned with. The transparently guilty were excused and defended. We became used to seeing this. 

(15) However, when traditional media merged in ideology with social media, no longer was they trying to excuse or justify the transparently guilty of accountability; starting around 2011 & 2012 what the new-era attack started to do was falsely accuse the transparently innocent. 
(16) Together with ideological institutions in government (Obama’s crew ie. DOJ etc.), the customary U.S. media and Big Tech began testing how far and fast they could control the outlook of Americans… to accuse the transparently innocent. 
(17) The shift was directly proportional to the training, teaching and development of the crew that came with Obama. All classically trained Saul Alinsky followers.
(18) The Harvard police officer (James Crowley), just doing his job…. that led to Henry Louis Gates outrage, that led to the big PR effort and the beer summit.

“Never let a crisis go to waste”… All optically and narrative controlled.

(19) Then came George Zimmerman, then Darren Wilson, then The Baltimore Six,… all, again, transparently innocent – but the media framework was exactly the opposite. They were able to label the transparently innocent as ‘guilty’, just by controlling information. 
(20) Skip through the years of numerous examples as the orchestration continued. The manipulative effort is driven by political intent.

Take a transparently innocent person and manipulate a narrative to make them guilty.

(21) Now, pause for a moment and go back to the current DHS announcement.

What does this current DHS terrorism bulletin do?

It exactly continues the process. Government is now expanding the targeting of the transparently innocent.

(22) You hold the same ideas, outlooks, worldviews, and expectations of Liberty and Freedom that you held yesterday, last week, last month and perhaps even long before 9-11-01…

But *NOW* you are the problem.

You are guilty.

You are an extremist.

(23) You didn’t change at all. Something else changed.

But notice how the spotlight on what changed is YOU, and not the origin of the change?

You are the problem. Not those changing the structures of freedom or liberty… YOU are the guilty party.

See how they did that? 

(24) See the shift now?

Enjoy the rest of your day…. 🤔


• • •



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