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Introduction: The Pathology

Just like Zionist Jews (and, as we have often said before, far from all Jews are Zionists), the Western elite suffers from a pathological superiority complex, which maintains that it has the right to play at God. Thus, the Western elite belittles Christ-God, proclaiming itself to be the Vicar of God, that is, the Substitute for God, on earth. As such, it resembles Judaism and even Islam, which also proclaim that they are unique Civilisations. However, they have not developed the practical technology of violence. Of Israelite origin, this complex has a theological name and a millennial history of self-justification, the details of which I will not bother readers with here. This ‘Holy and Roman’ Imperial complex was from the outset an ideology which says that the Western elite are the Chosen People and all their crimes are therefore justified. ‘Gott mit uns’ (‘God with us’), as the German Army used to proclaim or, more recently, as George Bush stated: ‘I am driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, ‘George, go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan. And I did. And then God would tell me George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq. And I did’. (1)

Cowboys and Indians

The Scottish-American historian, Niall Campbell Ferguson (yes, he would have to be a ‘cursed’ Campbell – ask a Scotsman what that means) is one of their most eloquent contemporary spokesmen, for whom the West is Best and the Rest is Messed (2). This pathology, because that is what it is, has become hereditary narcissism among a large portion, though not all, of Western people. These narcissists call the Non-West ‘backward’, ‘underdeveloped’, ‘evil’ and ‘primitive’. This is because they have not yet ‘advanced’ to the depths of Western barbarism. The problem is that such Westerners view the world through the lens of cowboy films, quite appropriately called ‘Westerns’. In these there are white hats and black hats, good and bad, in other words, the West and the Rest. And the Rest are ‘Red Indians’, ‘natives’, ‘savages’ and must be scalped (the practice spread by Western settlers) and ‘cleared’ like wild animals or else sent to ‘reservations’ in deserts or on some other worthless land, so that ‘progress’ can take place and the natural resources of their stolen lands can be ‘developed’ for ‘civilised’ people to profit by.

However, the reality is that it is the Cowboys, not the Indians, who have caused all the planet’s major problems, from industrial exploitation to ecological catastrophe, from nuclear weapons to ‘World Wars’, or rather perhaps, to the World War. Let us recall that the cannibalism of the First World War was caused by the 1914 assassination by an atheist, employed by a masonic organisation, of a righteous couple who wanted to correct some terrible injustices. And it was that promised correction that brought them death (3). In turn, the Second World War was caused by the unjust outcome of that assassination, the outcome that had taken place in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles in 1919. (What more appropriate place for narcissists than to look at one another in a Hall of Mirrors?) As for the Third World War, it began in Kiev in 2014, on the centenary of the First World War. Perhaps then we should more correctly call this Third World War, World War I, Part III. All this cannibalism is taking place because we have yet to undo the injustices that both caused and then ensued from World War I, Parts I and II.

The gaslighting elite claims that their Western Values (Anti-Values?) are the only ones that are ‘Universal’ and they preach ‘Human Rights’, ‘Freedom and Democracy’. Once weaponised, as they are, these self-proclaimed ‘Values’ mean that the Western world has every right to humiliate, destroy and deny (‘cancel’, as they say nowadays) and conquer, exploit and colonise all others, all Non-Western Civilisations. The latter range from Orthodox Christian to Jewish, from Muslim to Hindu, from Aztec to Zimbabwean, from Amazonian to Cahokian, from Buddhist to Confucian Civilisation. Any resistance to Western ‘Values’ must be crushed by organised violence, whether by arms, ‘sanctions’, or propaganda, whether in the eleventh century or in the twenty-first century, as is happening at this very moment in the Ukraine. Russia, having naively swallowed the Western delusion for over 300 years, both in its equally delusional Capitalist and Communist forms – it is exactly the same destructive materialism – has finally stood up to the delusional Western lie. This is a millennial turning-point in world history unfolding before us.

The Road From Serfdom

Today, the whole free (= Non-Western) world is looking on and anxiously watching, basically supportive of Russia, but not too visibly – just in case this millennial transformation goes wrong. Fundamentally, the free world knows that if Russia loses, then the cause of freedom and sovereignty in the world is finished, independent China India are finished. Then the Klaus Schwab-style nightmare of the World Dictatorship of Serfs, ceases to be fantasy and is put into practice. There will be no further point in human life and so the world will end in the Apocalypse. Alternatively, others proclaim another, equally catastrophic scenario. This is that the West will not back down in its war in the Ukraine and therefore will make the future nuclear through a false flag nuclear incident in the Ukraine, which it will pin on Russia, like Flight MH17. But the cold and hungry of the West do not want nuclear war and even if some of the elite are so crazy as to want it, not all. Crazy elitists could be replaced. As for the journalists who have continually lied to date, they would simply say that they had previously only reported what they had been told to report.

In other words, a nuclear war is not an inevitable scenario. In any case, how can Russia lose? We all believe that Russia will win, because treasonous regime change in Russia is not going to happen as it did in February 1917, and that was the only reason why, fully armed and ready for victory, Russia lost then (4). Even the arms merchants behind NATO are fearful of any official involvement or of the war spreading and Russia itself is careful to avoid any spread of war to a NATO country. They only want to fill their pockets, not the Apocalypse. It is precisely the loss of the war by the West that could provide the solution to the Western problem. The solution to reverse the situation in the West has to be radical because, as we have said, the Western delusion is millennial, the delusion lies at its very roots (5). Warnings have been given for centuries but nobody has ever listened. It is rather like a child who you tell not to play with matches, but who still insists on playing with matches to see what will happen if he lights a match and then sets fire to the whole house. And that is what has happened. The whole Western house is now on fire in an act of suicide.

The solution is regime change in the EU and the US/UK, that is, the changing of the elites. Now, all the Western countries of the world are run by elites with their many hangers-on. The elites provide bipartisan dictatorships. The ironic fact that it actually dares call these dictatorships, by the rich on behalf of the rich, ‘liberal democracies’ is irrelevant. I doubt if any regime change will come through some sort of armed uprising and I would not encourage that either. Rather governments – together with their fantastical, anti-Russian rhetoric – will collapse through the weight of their own lies, injustices and corruption, of protests, strikes and bankruptcies, of cold, poverty and hunger among people who have never been so cold, poor and hungry before. In other words, Western regimes will collapse under pressure from the grassroots, because they are so rotten on the inside. Which will collapse first, the EU or the US/UK, Eurosodom or Gomerica? We suspect the Eurozionists of the EU because those countries are bearing the brunt of their own elites’ suicide bid on the orders of the US/UK elite, and there are already splits among them.

Conclusion: When Death Has Perished, Hell is Overthrown

It is only the collapse of European countries in their narcissistic form that could allow Europeans to become real Europeans once more. Cold, poverty and hunger could destroy the illusions of the richer half (the poorer half has never really had them) that Europe is made up of superior beings with a right to global domination and that humanity is not in reality all in the same boat (6). Only then could Europeans understand that Europe’s only meaning is as a small part of the Afro-Eurasian landmass and that it has no Divine right to plunder everything outside, or even inside, their tip of the North-Western peninsula of that landmass. We are talking about Europe returning to its geographical and historical roots, and that is literally radical. The richer half of the Western world, the part that flew Ukrainian flags, not the poorer half, has been so sucked into its own self-delusion that it can only change once it has faced death. Only a visit to the doors of death can soften their proud hearts. Death, the enemy of life, looms. But so does Life after Death for those who do not want hell, where the devil keeps the laws. That is the Road from Serfdom.

17 December 2022



2. For example:

3. The to-be-assassinated Germanic Franz-Ferdinand, married to a Slav in a marriage of love, consulted carefully about the future of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and offered its oppressed peoples a measure of justice. For this the opposition slandered him as ‘insane’. See:

4. As even Churchill said on 5 November 1919: ‘The Bolsheviks robbed Russia at one stroke of two most precious things, peace and victory—the victory that was within her grasp and the peace which was her dearest desire’.

5. As St John the Baptist said: ‘And now also the axe is laid to the root of the trees: therefore every tree which does not produce good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire’ (Matthew 3:10).

6. The Indian Presidency of the G20 and its summit in New Delhi on September 9-10 2023, has as its slogan: ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’. This is what Russia is about, but not the West, which wants unceasing destruction, disunity and a future of unceasing war and division.

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