What David Rockefeller Really Thinks

By James White

A few days ago, a colleague and I were having a conversation about current events and he stated that he agreed with most of the things that I publish, but not all. Of course, inquiring minds want to know, so I posed the question. Basically, he said that he agreed with most everything except for the idea that there is some organized group plotting things. He just doesn’t buy it.  He thinks that our government is inept, and couldn’t get enough intelligent minds together to plan a softball game. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea. So it is for him, my wayward colleague, that I edited the short video below. If the following video leaves any doubt about the overall globalist plan, then I am, frankly, at a loss to help you further. 


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Contributed by James White of NorthWest Liberty News.

James White of NorthWest Liberty News  hopes to inspire you to take action.  Future generations will look back at this time for many, many years to come.  How the narrative of history reads is up to all of us.  The time to take action is now.

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