100,000 Martyrs for Geneva 2

by Thierry Meyssan

Although the Geneva Conference, in June of 2012, had set the foundations for peace in Syria, the war resumed for a year and a half. 100,000 deaths later, the foreign powers who planned and fueled the conflict have finally admitted defeat. Moscow and Washington are therefore planning to convene a new conference in Geneva to enact the victory of the Syrian Arab Republic.


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The Geneva Conference, in June of 2012, was supposed to lay the foundations for peace in Syria. At that time, NATO had given up a Libya style bombardment of the country so as to avoid conflict with Russia and China. France’s Nicolas Sarkozy had negotiated the withdrawal of his military advisors from the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr and obtained the restitution of his officers who had been taken prisoner. Logically, one could have estimated that the Syrian government had wonthe game and the return to normal was at hand.

However, on the evening of June 30th, France, having just elected Francois Hollande as its President, issued a reservation on the interpretation of the final communiqué. Accordingly, for the transitional government to be accepted by all parties, the agreement implied the final departure of President Assad. A week later, President Hollande welcomed the 3rd meeting of the “Friends of the Syrian people” to Paris with guest star, Abu Saleh, a young journalist from France 24 and Al- Jazeera who had spread terror in Homs. No more Sarkozy promises: since the fourth generation war (that of media lies) had failed, it would be war Nicaraguan style with tens of thousands of foreign fighters.

This reversal of France is explained both by the appetite of some characters of the propertied class and the corruption of the new management team.
- For some capitalists, the economic crisis of 2008 marked the impossibility of earning a lot of money in France due to the impoverishment of the working class. They had therefore pushed President Sarkozy to prepare for war in Syria and continued the project while he negotiated the French withdrawal. Their interests were represented at the Elysee by the President of the Republic’s Chief of Staff, General Benoit Puga, who remained in position thanks to Francois Hollande.
- The election of Francois Hollande was mainly and illegally funded by Qatar. The tiny emirate, once linked to France, has been ruled by the ambitious Sheikh Hamad since the coup of 1995. In 1999, he authorised Exxon Mobil’s limitless access to the country’s gas. In a few years, Qatar became a global gas giant under the de facto ownership of Rockefeller. President Holland selected Laurent Fabius as Foreign Minister because he had served as an intermediary between him and the emirate. However, the minister was what is known as “a friend of Israel.” As such, he would push France to “bleed” Syria.

The attack was launched on July 18th, 2012 by a bombing that killed members of the National Security Council. This was followed by a one and a half year war that left more than 100,000 dead. It is agreed today that this war would not have a military solution, the Contras being replaced as they were eliminated.

Moscow and Washington speak today of a Geneva 2 Conference. Indeed, the United Kingdom has rightly been forced to retire by a vote of the House of Commons; the Emir of Qatar was forced by the United States to abdicate; France could not maintain its military pressure since its operation in Mali; Turkey is too divided to conduct large-scale operations. There is in reality only one player: Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh established its Deputy Minister of Defense in Amman in order to constitute a force of 50,000 mercenaries. It had been expected that the chemical bombing of Ghoutta by the Contras with Turkish material would signal a turnaround. Allied commanders met in Amman to plan regime change. Then: nothing.

In fact, as Washington forced the emir of Qatar to leave the scene, the excitement had no other purpose than to compel Saudi Arabia to withdraw. After it screamed in pain and announced plans to take revenge on the United States, the Saud apparently fell back into line when John Kerry came to remind them that they are installed on their throne by the will of the West. Therefore, the Geneva Conference 2 should take place either in early December or late January. The allies of the United States should finally ratify the secret agreement reached between Moscow and Washington a year and a half ago.

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