2014: From Kiev to Ferguson or the terminal crisis of the System.

By Zine Larbaoui


The year 2014 may well mark the beginning of the final phase of the system’s collapse. Whenever the Western leadership tries to ward off the mess it created in the first place, the situation degenerates for the worst, adding more chaos to chaos, more disorder to disorder. From Iraq to Syria, Libya and Ukraine to Fergusson, all its initiatives, all responses are all like cluster munitions consistently gushing forth new crises, generating new disasters that in turn cause more crises and more disasters in an endless cycle. A frightening mechanism of auto destruction has begun, and it is out of control. 

The case of Iraq is symptomatic and reflects the evils released upon the opening of the proverbial Pandora’s Box. The American intervention, which first led to the massacre of more than a million civilians, has led the country into civil war, and is now blowing away. Today, the system is desperately trying to put out the new fire of the “Islamic state” that it created, financed and propagated, and its action is sure to ignite new conflagrations. 

In Syria, the exploitation of the Arab Spring and the militarization of the rebellion, with the importation by cargo loads of cannibals’ Jihadists recycled as “Freedom Fighters” for the occasion, led to the almost total destruction of the country, with almost 200,000 dead, and the emergence of the Islamic state and its butchers. 

In Libya, the overthrow and the sordid assassination of Gaddafi caused the breakup of the country, now in the grip of a civil war that will not fail to expand, with the promise to provide troops and arms to all twisted Salafists from Africa and the Middle East for their plunder and their blasphemous jihad. 

In Eastern Europe, the encirclement of Russia by NATO and the coup in Kiev caused a “Cold War 2.0” which, at best, will lead to the building of a new iron curtain and, at worst, a nuclear war. In any case, Europe will pay a high price for the American shenanigans and the political submission to Washington’s elites. 

Fergusson, Missouri, a mini-lab that could be the poster child of any Western city for the inevitable upcoming revolt of fascism’s Left Behind, resulting in the incredible militarization of the police, with a no-fly-zone and aggravated repression, only highlights the problems of the growing divide of Americans left out by Washington’s power and its corporate lobbies. 

Under the domino effect of the system’s failure, all of these crises only widen, feed on themselves to give birth to other crises, much deeper, more lethal, more devastating. Facing the Western delusional narrative of “creative chaos”, the reality thus reminds us that all that chaos can only be destructive. 

And meanwhile, the establishment of the NSAs “electronic global gulag” inexorably marches on in our so-called “civilized” countries, with the passive complicity of populations destined to planned obsolescence and the perpetually unfulfilled desires of consumerism. 

And in the background of all this, the inherent toxicity of a fascist system entrenched in its extremes and leading to the accelerated depletion of resources, the industrialized murder of the environment and a delusional growth in perpetuity where one feeds herbivores with carcasses, chickens with their own droppings, and which grinds chicks alive for the sake of profitability, in a nauseating disregard for life that truly deserves to be called Satanist. 

To conclude, let us reflect upon the nihilistic predicament our failed species have created without any possible exit and which the following quote perfectly sums up:

“You have evolved from worm to man. But much within you is still worm. Once, you were apes, yet even now man is more of an ape than any of the apes.” –Friedrich  Nietzsche.


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