New World Order Targets American Freedom – Alex Newman

March 21, 2018 0

By Greg Hunter’s  Award winning journalist Alex Newman has extensively covered the push towards a so-called New World Order by the global “Deep State.” New revelations about millions of Facebook user profiles show the battle […]


If You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It

March 20, 2018 0

Various readers, fans, blog commenters, Facebook trolls, and auditors twanged on me all last week about my continuing interest in the RussiaRussiaRussia hysteria, though there is no particular consensus of complaint among them — except […]

World Affairs

Four days to declare a Cold War

March 20, 2018 0

The week that has just ended was exceptionally rich in events. But no media were able to report it, because they had all deliberately masked certain of their number in order to protect the story […]


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

March 19, 2018 0

Here’s a delicious little rant from Dr. D., by now a regular contributor at the Automatic Earth.     Dr. D: The schizophrenia surrounding the tariff plan is really startling. But then I could just say, […]

World Affairs

The Neocon Full Court Press For War is Here

March 16, 2018 0

MARCH 14, 2018 / TOM LUONGO The events of the past two weeks have been stunning.   Since Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled new ‘doomsday’ weapon systems at his State of the Union address, the West has gone […]

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