The Neocon Full Court Press For War is Here

The events of the past two weeks have been stunning.   Since Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled new ‘doomsday’ weapon systems at his State of the Union address, the West has gone completely bonkers.

In the words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, ““I simply don’t have any normal terms left to describe all this,”

With the U.K. expelling Russian diplomats over the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury last week, the push to isolate Russia and create conditions for a World War is here.

The questions are Who is behind this?  And Why?

Theresa May’s response is a joke.  This is a woman who can’t stand up to EU shakedown artists over the mildest of disagreements in Brexit talks but can grandstand to high heaven over an incident with no evidence of Russian action.

This situation is straight out of the neoconservative play book, creating a horrific incident and rushing a government into a confrontation and major policy decision.

And these are happening all over the world right now.

Covering Fire

If you look at the circumstances of Skripal’s associations in light of the collapsing Russia-Gate story in the U.S., the Who?  becomes obvious.  As Moon of Alabama first pointed out, Skripal was an associate of both Pablo Miller and Christopher Steele, both former MI-6 agents working for Orbis Business Intelligence.

What motive would the Russians have for taking out Skripal in such a sloppy manner on the eve of Presidential elections?

They wouldn’t.   In the same way that the Assad government had everything to lose last April over the chemical weapons attack at Khan Sheikoun, Russia has nothing to gain by killing Skripal and his daughter today.

But, if Skripal was in the position to corroborate the worst fears about the Dossier, then it makes sense to ties up loose ends.

This is a false flag.  It’s far more plausible than the drivel Theresa May peddled to Parliament.

Anyone with three brain cells to rub together knows this in their heart of hearts.  So, why play coy?

Answer these questions.  Where is Christopher Steele?  Why hasn’t he testified?  If he refuses, why isn’t he being hounded by the media to answer questions about his Trump Dossier?

Now ask the more salient question, who benefits from this?  Not Russia.  Not the U.K. people.  Not Europe.

The Neocon Cornered Snake

Look.  The neocons are cornered.  All of their major pushes to destroy Russia and Iran and control central Asia are collapsing.  The EU is fast approaching a political crisis.  The U.K. is still a loyal subject but the White House has a cancer at its center, Donald Trump. The window has nearly closed on regime change in Russia.  In effect, it’s now or never.

Review my recent articles on this subject. There is a throughline if you are willing to see it and it’s quite clear.

Point #1:  Trump is winning.  He won on taxes.  He won on DACA. He won on Russia-Gate. He won on NAFTA and tariffs.  He beat Gary Cohn and Goldman-Sachs.  He fired Tillerson who looks more and more like a conventional neocon plant with every review of his record.  He’s meeting with North Korea.

Point #2: Putin is winning.  U.S.-backed opposition in Syria is collapsing.  Nordstream 2 is going through.  Ukraine will freeze to death.  China buys their oil and gas, invests in their Uranium and oil industries.  He’s winning the diplomatic war in Afghanistan. He’s put Netanyahu on a leash.

These two men are the vanguard standing against the American/European globalist empire.  The Skripal poisoning was intended to be sloppy.  It was a perfectly executed inept operation, intended to move the emotional needle and direct British frustration outward.

But, this response from the U.K. has been brewing for months.  Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been running his mouth about Russia’s actions in Syria and Ukraine.  British Defense Secretary hyperventiliated recently that the Russians were plotting to kill thousands of Britons by selling them gas, apparently.

Now, let’s look at the rhetoric surrounding Eastern Ghouta, a replay of Aleppo.  This time, however, instead of actually gassing people to make the Russians look bad, apparatchiks like Nikki Haley and French President Emmanual Macron wag their fingers threatening everyone not to do so.

Meanwhile, the SAA finds a chemical weapons factory in a village just liberated from ISIS/Al-Qaeda.

But, facts are fungible right, Mrs. Haley?

So, if in the next few days there’s a chemical weapons attack in Ghouta will you believe the Russians and Syrians did it because Nikki Haley told you they might? Will it make any sense to you for them to act like this if the world is watching and ready to pounce?

Or will you retain your sanity and realize any chemical attack was a staged provocation to achieve a cynical political goal?

But, Haley, the ultimate neocon mouthpiece has gone one step further.

“We also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and inhuman suffering, most especially the outlaw Syrian regime, the United States remains prepared to act if we must,” Haley said.

The US diplomat proposed a new UN ceasefire resolution that “will take effect immediately upon adoption by this Council. It contains no counterterrorism loopholes for Assad, Iran and the Russians to hide behind”.

Thankfully for the people of Syria, the resolution failed.  Because, as always, the U.S. only proposes a ceasefire in places where it or its proxies, in this case Al-Qaeda-linked separatists, are losing badly. Then the downtime is used to re-equip, reset and reinforce.

Since the deployment of the SAA’s Tiger forces to eastern Ghouta the pocket of resistance has been drawn and quartered.

And, moreover, why is Haley introducing ceasefire resolutions to the U.N. outlawing ‘counterterrorism’ when it is the explicitly-stated goal of her boss, Donald Trump, to combat ISIS terrorists in Syria and nothing else?

No wonder Lavrov has no words.

The SAA and Russian Air Force have no need to use chemical weapons.  In fact, it has been Haley and the U.S. that have blocked Russian attempts to create humanitarian corridors, similar to events in Aleppo, to allow civilians to get out of harm’s way.

Losing in North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine.  Support in Europe for integration failing.

The most likely conclusion one can rationally draw from this is that the cornered neocon snake is lashing out in desperation hoping to take as many of us with them as possible.

The Full-Court Press

In the past two weeks we’ve seen a number of incidents meant to punish Russian oligarchs and harm Russian business interests in Europe in the run up to the Presidential election this weekend.

The first was the idiotic decision by the Stockholm Arbitration Court ordering Gazprom to pay $4.6 billion to Ukraine because Ukraine is in difficult economic circumstances.  In other words a socialist arbitration court ordered money redistributed from those according to their means to those according to their needs.

Moreover, the IMF and the EU want some of the money back they pumped into the Ukrainian basket-case in order to prop up the Poroshenko government for another year.

The second was the planned implosion of ABLV Bank in Latvia.  A bank that was one of the main links for Russian business in the European Union after the 2013 Cyprus bail-in of depositors.

That operation was also a targeted attack on Russian oligarchs to cleave their support from Putin.  With the new sanctions list created by the Treasury Department per John McCain’s sanctions bill pushed through in August of last year, the U.S. labeled ABLV a target for money-laundering and unapproved business.

Within a few days of pressuring the bank depositors began removing funds and the ECB used its expanded powers, much like they did with Banko Popular last year, to take control of the bank.

Lastly, we have this move by the feckless Brits.  The real target here is the ability of Russians to do business in the U.K., now that ABLV has been removed from the equation.  This is a clear hybrid war attack on the ability of Russian businesses to operate anywhere east of the Dneiper River in Ukraine.

And this is yet another step on the path to bring us to war with Russia because its destruction is the animating purpose for neoconservatives.  I continue to believe Trump is not on their side.   The neocons want war for the cause.  That’s why they undermine him at every turn and escalate whenever he wins the smallest victory.


Tom Luongo

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