5G, Graphene & the Vaccine: How the NWO Stakeholders Plan to Kill You!


Both the COVID-19 virus and the viral mRNA vaccine are activated by 5G radiofrequencies:

In a recent study researchers compiled data on the effects of 5G radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication systems on the SARS-CoV-2 virus and determined that 5G caused viral activation and increased virulence. Several studies are now showing that the virus itself causes autoimmune disease within the body. In a recent review, we showed that the viral mRNA vaccine along with the spike protein that it produces can also be altered by 5G radiofrequency radiation whereby, both working in tandem create a virus-like complex of the human cell itself! This mobilized state would then launch an immune response against healthy body cells since they now resemble viral pathogens; thus creating a SARS-CoV-2-like disease state within the body without the presence of the actual virus itself!  Why then would anyone want to take a vaccine that is intentionally geared to altering the very same body system that is suppose to protect you from infection? But the bigger question here is what is the triggering mechanism that allows for the activation of viral mRNA from the vaccine? We propose that this is the mechanism that activates the immune system itself to start attacking otherwise healthy body cells and organs creating autoimmune-like dysfunction! Instead of “Body Snatchers”, you now have vaccines that have become “Cell Snatchers”!

Viral mRNA Vaccine Activated By 5G!


5G Radiofrequency Radiation Set at “Kill frequency”…

When the pandemic started in January 2020, a lot of effort went into censoring social media claims about the connection of 5G and the COVID-19 viral outbreak. Why? 5G is not about the internet of things; it is a military grade weapons system. The NWO is building a kill grid, with energy inputs targeting specifically larger areas such as cities. Their agenda is “Depopulation” and the bioweapons delivery system are the untested genetically-altering vaccines.

How does this work? You see, our bodies can act as transmitters and receivers of electro magnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic frequency (EMF) making us more susceptible to external energy inputs… such as 5G. We believe that the vaccine itself is being used as a conduit for the increased absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation within the body and that the vaccinated are walking targets for a mass culling using 5G weapons systems. Long-term exposure to 5G can result in: cancer, endocrine imbalances, neurodegenerative diseases, infection, inflammation, infertility issues, and miscarriage, just to list a few. The 5G global rollout started at roughly the same time as the pandemic hit in 2020. Lockdown after lockdown, we were all told repeatedly to stay in our homes; work from home, study at home, only take essential trips outside, and stay in your bubble. Was this just a coincidence?

Members of European Parliament just recently acknowledged that long-term exposure to 5G radiofrequency radiation represses the immune system by stimulating the uptake of free radicals across cell membranes which then establishes an environment favorable to the replication of viruses. They believed the spread of viral infections is accelerated by irradiation from radio frequency waves and that 5G was a co-factor when analyzing the present pandemic. Questions were presented to the EU Parliament that have yet to be addressed and probably won’t be addressed till after the damage has been done: Did the Commission take into consideration the immune-repressing effect of long-term exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic waves before promoting 5G and similar technologies that considerably increase the level of irradiation? Has it considered the possibly enhanced replication of viruses caused by exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic waves? 

Are potentially dangerous radiofrequencies higher in our homes? The “Physicians for Safe Technologies”, a group of physicians and health professionals who compile research on the environmental health effects of using modern technology state that safe limits of Radiofrequency Radiation on humans should not exceed 1 milliWatts per square meter (mW/m2). CIN has been taking Radiofrequency Radiation measurements of wifi-enabled home devices since December 2020 to determine if there were any changes since 2020. All readings were well above what is considered safe for the human body exceeding the 1 mW/m2 range and falling in the “extreme concern” category. Over a period of 7 months, we also noticed an increase in radiofrequency pulses (waves) and an increase in radiofrequency radiation strength that could not be measured by our EMP meter! Is the NWO altering the 5G frequency to a “kill frequency” range in order to cause massive deaths?

Here is just one example of EMF readings from a cell phone: (a) Cell phone not in use (b) Cell phone in use (i.e. calls, internet, emails)Similar results for December 2020 and July 2021.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-122.png

Radiofrequency radiation is cumulative which means our bodies absorb radiation over a period of time. Eventually the radiation itself can trigger dormant viruses (viruses that are in you body from past infections and include COVID-19) to become activated thereby inducing a diseased state. Since the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 is also a dormant virus, it too can be activated to cause a diseased state once more. Radiofrequency radiation has also been linked to autoimmune reactions and inflammatory reactions. We believe that Radiofrequencies delivered through 5G may also trigger viral RNA incorporated into the body’s DNA from vaccines to induce a virus-like diseased state in vaccinated individuals. 5G is said to be fully enabled by July-August 2021, in time for the fourth wave. Why are we seeing a huge spike in radiofrequency radiation now? Specifically starting when vaccines were being rolled out? Has the NWO activated their depopulation agenda by altering the 5G frequency to “kill frequency” to initiate mass genocide? What other reason could there be?

5G Set To “Kill Frequency” To Initiate Mass Genocide!

How does Graphene fit into this?

What is Graphene? Graphene is the thinnest, flexible and strongest compound known to man at one atom thick. It is a good conductor of heat at room temperature and an excellent conductor of electricity. Since the discovery of graphene, applications within different scientific areas have exploded, with huge gains being made particularly in high-frequency electronics, bio, chemical and magnetic sensors, ultra-wide bandwidth photodetectors, and energy storage and generation. Technology, such as 5G needs enabling technology to be scaled up. By late 2017, they had developed a method of combining Graphene’s flexibility with terahertz detection (a unit of frequency creating electromagnetic waves) so as to make it possible to connect to the Internet of Things IoT via technologies available in 5G… such as smart phones.

And it just doesn’t stop with vaccines. INBRAIN Neuroelectronic, a company dedicated to developing the world’s first “Graphene-based intelligent neuroelectronic system,” just announced a collaboration with Merck, a leading pharmaceutical company. The aim of the collaboration is to co-develop the next generation of Graphene bioelectronic “vagus nerve therapies” targeting severe chronic diseases using neurostimulators. The vagus nerve represents the main component of the parasympathetic nervous system, which oversees a vast array of crucial bodily functions, including control of mood, immune response, digestion, and heart rate, respiratory rate, as well as vasomotor activity, and certain reflex actions; the vagus nerve is life itself!

If you’re not worried you should be! This is an attempt to create a new frontier for global medical experimentation and treatment, in order to “cure diseases” using Graphene-based technologies. The phrase “intelligent neuroelectric system” suggests corporations are planning to superimpose their own automatic nerve inputs and responses in the body, on top of the body’s natural nervous system. To put it another way, they want to replace “deficiencies and errors” in the natural nervous system with their own catalog of preferred stimuli and responses. If the extreme dangers of this reprogramming aren’t obvious to you, think it through, because this is just one step closer to Transhumanism itself; Graphene based technologies, vaccines and neurostimulator biotechnologies are merely the first steps to your post-human transition!

Transhumanism Is Eugenics Today

Graphene Oxide “abuzz” on Social Media”… Literally!

What does this all mean? Research is now showing that there is Graphene oxide (GO), a Graphene derivative, in vaccines, should this be true, the bodies of vaccinated individuals are now superconductive… like your cell phone! Social media is abuzz with reports of a special metallic-like substance that is believed to be inside the COVID-19 vaccine; a substance called Graphene Oxide (GO) is being blamed for causing “magnetism” within the body where magnets are able to attract human skin itself! Not only that, there are reports of “fluorescent” markings on the vaccination site itself! And one poster went as far as testing for “Electromagnetic Frequency” (EMF)! All of which indicate the presence of a “super” electromagnetic conductor… Graphene oxide!


Graphene oxide is used in Face Masks, Vaccines and Cancer Therapy:

What is Graphene Oxide? Graphene oxide is a Graphene derivative; it is both metallic and fluorescent and can be easily dissolved in water solutions. Over the past few years, Graphene-related materials have attracted huge attention in research due to their properties such as high surface area, high electrical mobility and conductivity; it is one million times thinner than a single human hair at one atom thick, one thousand times more conductive than copper, harder than diamond and stronger than steel.

Graphene oxide has also been found in face masks. These masks, easily identifiable because of their unusual grey-blue colour combination were recalled in late March. They’re coated in Graphene oxide that’s been linked to lung disease. They were distributed in the millions—not just to adults but to minors, and across Canada, though the majority were used in Quebec, Health Canada says.

“Health Canada has conducted a preliminary scientific assessment and has identified a potential for early lung toxicity in rats from inhaled graphene,” the substance coating the masks, said agency spokesman André Gagnon.

Graphene oxide also has applications in biomedicine as a vaccine adjuvant; a substance that enhances the immune system’s response to the presence of a viral antigen used to improve the effectiveness of vaccines. Graphene oxide (GO) is often combined with Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) in vaccines and other drug therapies to facilitate drug delivery into cells. Together they act as coating polymers that can effectively shuttle antigens into cells. Both GO–PEG serve as vaccine adjuvant and if they were to be used in the COVID-19 vaccine would allow for both transport of the viral mRNA into body cells and the activation of the immune response following vaccination. PEG is found inside the Pfizer vaccine so…. I would think Graphene oxide would be as well! Here are a few research articles that show both GO-PEG are currently used in other vaccines and other drug therapies:

When combined together, Graphene oxide (GO) and Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) can activate white blood cells of the immune system through cell-signaling pathways: The Immune system is triggered through physical contact between GO-PEG and integrin proteins found on the cell membrane that activate an integrin-mediated cell-signaling pathways. Cell signaling is how cells in the body communicate with one another, a “chat line” so-to-speak that tell cells what to do. Integrin proteins regulate a variety of cellular functions, including spreading, migration, cell growth and death. Basically GO-PEG activate integrin proteins in a similar way that the COVID-19 virus would. Essentially, the GO-PEG nanoparticles used to encapsulate the viral mRNA vaccine work exactly like the COVID-19 virus! Research is now showing that the COVID-19 virus causes an autoimmune disease within the body. Do the GO-PEG combination in the vaccine also alter the immune system causing autoimmune disfunction? And if so, can the GO-PEG-mediated integrin activation of the immune system be “turn off” integrin in vaccinated patients? No doubt the NWO has a plan in place to ensure the west will get enough supply of anti-viral drugs to offset the effects of their vaccines!


Proof Pfizer vaccine contains Graphene oxide!

Is the Graphene oxide and PEG in COVID-19 vaccines? Is there a way to see what they’re made of? Yes, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson provided detailed information about the ingredients in their COVID-19 vaccines to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All these vaccines, including AstraZeneca deliver viral mRNA to the cell itself. However they may use a different delivery mechanism. This is the information Pfizer provided to the FDA:


Spanish researchers who had obtained a Pfizer vaccine vial determined that when it was examined under an electon microscope it contained over 99% of Graphene oxide. The GO is coated in lipid nanoparticles that when enters the cells causes inflammation, cytokine storm, can cause lung inflammation, cardiac inflammation and brain inflammation along with stroke and heart attack. Proof that the Pfizer vaccine is made up of over 99% graphene oxide – a compound that’s toxic to the human body. How was this discovered and why would a pharmaceutical company peddle such poison? Watch this:

Furthermore, a recent study on The Electromagnetism of vaccinated persons In Luxembourg showed that in the “vaccinated group” 29 of the 30 Individuals tested showed attraction to a magnet and the magnet adhered to their skin without difficulty. The study examined vaccinated individuals who had taken different vaccines such as: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca and compared results with unvaccinated control subjects. What else could be inside the vaccine that is causing this Electromagnetic reaction? Obviously, pharmaceutical companies, medical authorities, and our government leaders are not disclosing product information to the general public!


Graphene oxide has what’s called an electron absorption band. That’s a particular frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum at which Graphene oxide receives a very weak radio frequency signal and it gets excited, proliferates, and oxidizes rapidly.  So, what will happen when the NWO hits the “kill frequency” button on the grid? After all they have an uncanny ability of predicting when the COVID-19 waves come and when they subside? What will the Delta wave pour on humanity? People who have been inoculated or have received the graphene oxide by other routes, that graphene oxide oxidizes breaking the balance between glutathione and the toxic graphene oxide. And the famous cytokine storm and COVID-19 is triggered in a matter of hours… BOOM!

My electrical engineer showed me this video back in January and this was using a 4G cell phone! Make no mistake about it: cellphones through the release of radiofrequency radiation will fuck up your head and body. What you’re seeing here is radiofrequency radiation released by the cell phone (microwave radiation) being converted to thermal energy and like a microwave the energy released is burning down the steel wool! Now image this being your brain inoculated with Graphene!

Side effects of Graphene oxide:


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