7 Ways the Matrix Coerces Public Consent for Torture

Sigmund Fraud


Cleverly at work for the dark side, the corporate media isn’t going into great detail about the recent discovery that the Chicago Police Department has for years been operating a secret, off-site, extra-judicial, unconstitutional detention and interrogation center in a nondescript warehouse on the West side of the Windy City. Americans, so the talking heads would have us believe, have more important things to busy ourselves with.

The protest against this outrage is growing, however because at Homan Square, as it’s known, the local police ‘disappear’ American citizens before charging them with any crime. They hide them there for hours or days without the knowledge of lawyers, family, or friends, interrogating, threatening, abusing and at times coming up with cleverly inhumane ways to torture them.

Think Gitmo, think Abu Ghraib. Think Pol Pot, think Mao. Pardon my French here, but, c’est quoi ce bordel?

This sort of thing has always been in the playbooks of imperialists and barbarians, but in just over a short decade in the ‘land of the free,’ torture has clawed its gory soul into mainstream ideology, and it’s making the death march to becoming acceptable public policy for your local police goons. Who, by the way, are already up armed to the teeth and better equipped than most of the world’s national armies.

Utterly impossible to conceal or ignore the moral depreciation taking place here, it’s puzzling to consider why so many otherwise good Americans either actively or passively support so many emergent government-sponsored atrocities like the illegal detention and torture of enemies, both foreign and domestic. The answer to this riddle says a great deal about where we’re at as human beings, where we’re going as a society, and how bumpy and horrifying the ride is going to get along the way.

Here’s a look at how the matrix coerces us into tacit or explicit acceptance of things that only the most psychopathic of us could conjure up. 

1. Human on Human Violence Conditioning

The human mind learns by observation, and the average person witnesses tens of thousands of acts of theatric violence before they even reach adulthood. Nothing’s shocking once you’ve seen it all, and as the barrier to revulsion against human on human carnage is broken down by low-grade television programs, mindlessly violent films, and absurd staged news programs, the mind is forced to seek normalcy in an insane environment.

Social engineering is a pet project of the corporate and political elite, it’s how they sell consumerism and maintain a ‘business as usual’ attitude when usurping rights and corrupting humanity. As products of a multi-generational experiment in mass mind control, human on human violence has been presented to the masses as a God, and is equal parts fearful, righteous and entertaining, appearing in every form of consumable media.

The torture of nameless aggressors by the military and police state is a drop in the bucket of what we’ve already witnessed, and as such, it’s just not that big of a deal to most.

2. Fear the Fear Itself

How many Hollywood bloodbaths, eyewitness police brutality videos, 9/11’s, and terrorist executions can be consumed before the psyche caves in completely to combat exhaustion? This a psychological coup of sorts by the fear pimps, as public consciousness is always directed toward an unrelenting stream of well-produced anxiety-inducing propaganda. It is the continual over-stimulation of every possible worry… violence programming merely being one part of it. This has triggered a mass psychosis, a sort of cultural PTSD, and we have the neuroses to prove it, constantly anxious, constantly concerned, and never content to live and let live.

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. – Yoda

Instilling great fear in their subjects has always been the most basic offensive play for tyrants, control freaks, and cult leaders. When you’re afraid of everything, the reptilian mind is given dominion over our more human qualities, and the world seems a far more dangerous than it may actually be. Anything becomes justifiable as self-defense, and anyone with a big enough stick to pose as a savior is revered as a savior.

3. The Applied Science of the Shock Doctrine

The natural bias of the human being is to eventually perceive the abnormal as normal, when given sufficient exposure. Fear is like a steam engine, it must be continually stoked or it loses momentum. If it does, the shock of witnessing something terrifying can eventually be normalized out of the psyche by the natural proclivity we have to heal ourselves.

And so the nightmares themselves must evolve and intensify in order to keep carrying their weight… and so they do. The application of fear-based propaganda is now ubiquitous in modern life and it always intensifies. Ruby Ridge becomes Waco. Bird flu becomes ebola. Al Qaeda becomes ISIS. Search warrants become no-knock raids. And routine police work becomes torturous.

The point of mass-inflicted crisis consciousness is to alter how we perceive the world and how we react to stressors in life by creating the illusion that catastrophe lies around every corner. When agitated by the continuous consumption of violence, shock and fear programming, protection from anything and everything becomes top priority. From this level of consciousness our behavior is both predictable and manageable, and we readily accept the solutions proffered by those who market themselves as our heroes.

4. Compliance Training and National Opinion Manufacturing

Perhaps there is nothing more to blame than human nature, as human beings are quite adept at following rules, orders and obeying suggestions, especially when compliance training is a built-in part of education and work, and day-to-day life is preoccupied with avoiding prosecution for the violation of an ever-expanding code of laws, regulations and ordinances. The federal tax code alone, for example, is some 74,000+ pages long.

But let’s be honest here, government authority comes explicitly from its capacity and willingness to inflict violence. Watching how coldly they enforce their rules and suppresses dissent, the message is crystal clear: obey. Compliance is a survival tool in a police state.

Original thought is rare in an environment where obedience is expected, and most people just repeat ideas from the sources in front of them. Mainstream media, national opinion theatre, and social cliques set the tone for national opinion building, as talk celebrities, shock-jocks, and expert pundits chatter away 24/7, reinforcing the narratives of impending doom, the need for safety, and the vainglory of deference to the military industrial complex.

Group-think is an epidemic, and compliance is contagious. It’s easiest and most convenient to sail with the prevailing winds rather than to row against the current. It’s a survival mechanism, triggered by shock and trauma conditioning.

5. Trickle Down Psychopathy

Looking up at the eye of the pyramid, we see that psychopaths are in control, and with all eyes on them, their deeds become examples for us all. The message is that compassion no longer has a place in our calculating world, and that other human beings, even mother nature herself, are both acceptable targets and collateral damage in the quest for the satiation of fear.

No wonder we accept atrocities like torture… our most revered leaders have been showing the way for decades now. When the insanity of violence, corruption and torture is coming from the highest positions in public leadership, it is little wonder that the rank and file citizenry has lost much of their humanity as well.

Those people you meet who openly advocate torture are merely the top-products of the mold, and they’ve accepted their free ticket to join the party and indulge the darkest parts of themselves. Psychopathy begets psychopathy.

6. The Sheeple Have Been Sent to Pasture 

Life in the matrix is a full-spectrum occupation of the mind, senses and soul. In this environment, dank with cognitive dissonance, the life of the sheeple is blissfully ignorant and mindlessly obedient to the shepherd and the sheepdogs.

It wouldn’t be entirely fair to say that most Americans approve of torture, but that doesn’t matter much, because it is fair to say that the majority of Americans are so heavily entranced in their own immediate affairs, and so heavily sedated, poisoned, intoxicated and entertained that they are powerless to confront the reality of state sponsored oppression. Out to pasture in the American dream, the sheeple are sidelined from any meaningful participation in public decision making.
In fact, the infamous political insider Karl Rove gives a realistic impression of how little influence the masses have over the activities of empires and tyrants:

We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do. – Karl Rove

Being part of the herd is like being at the movies. It’s easy… you’re reality is created for you. You just stay put, stay quiet, stay focused on the actors appearing in front of you, enjoy your junk food, and try not to ruin the movie for others by making noise or breaking the rules. It doesn’t matter if the movie is any good or not, you just need something to occupy your time.

Apathy has been bred into our genetic code.

7. The Collapse of Spiritual Intelligence

Perhaps you’ve already become sensitive to this, or perhaps you’re just now on beginning to wake up. The realization here is that if you remove all of the oppressive, negative fear-mongering and dark shock psychology of the mainstream, and elevate your own consciousness to a perspective well above all of this, then the possibilities for the progress and happiness of yourself and the entire human race appear to be infinite. We truly are infinite beings temporarily occupying human bodies… violence and torture are simply incompatible with this revelation.

Yet, there is a spiritual war being waged to prevent us from realizing this natural fact. The sum total effect of this effort against society is to disconnect us from our spiritual intelligence, soften our resistance to evil, and weaken our natural draw towards the beautiful and endearing aspects of being.

They want us to believe, as Orwell said, that “people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” That there is no other source of peace than violence.


As evidence of their moral superiority, the matrix programmers still depend on cultural myths like the Founding Fathers story, American liberty, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Hero narratives like the WWII triumph over evil, American Sniper, and big-budget disaster films create the illusion that good people sometimes have to step up to the plate and do bad things for the rest of us.

But these stories are losing their potency, because, let’s face it, it’s tough to claim moral authority when you’re torturing people. The recent news about Chicago’s black-site detention center should be taken as a severe warning to us all that the powers that be are no longer too concerned with maintaining the impression of being morally superior.

The American police state now has all the pieces in place to make its Great Leap Forward. Welcome to the express elevator to hell, comrades… going down.

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. – Thomas Jefferson

Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com, where this article first appeared. He indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.

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