Bury My Heart at Bended Knee (An Experimental Epitaph for Canada)

“I shall not be there. I shall rise and pass. Bury my heart at Wounded Knee”  By Steven Vincent Benet

by Marcel Woland for the Saker Blog

Trudeau takes yet another knee, outdoors, socially distanced, but still masked, in the Ottawa ‘Bubble’.

I had not set out to find any revelations while trying to make sense of my predicament and that of the scores of people that I personally know who have already, or are seeking to escape what Canada has become. However, I may have caught glimpses of one or two in the course of writing this essay, which is meant to be simply citizen journalism. What has revealed itself gradually is an unflattering picture of a Canada lost in delusion, medical charlatanism, division, defeatism and a total breach of the Social Contract between the state and the people. At the beating heart of it, is a casual, yet racing hypocrisy common to both the former and the latter.

It was as if a person with very low IQ, complicated by Traumatic Brain Injury, happened across the film versions of some major dystopian novels and watched them in no particular order, having first ‘got stoned’: Lord of the Flies, Brave New World, Nineteen Eighty Four, The Handmaid’s Tale and something with Steve Martin in it. That person went to sleep off and on during his ordeal and when he woke up exclaimed: “Yes! That’s the world for me!” and found he had become a Prime Minister.

The other half of this parable/paradigm is that, while the future PM watched, mesmerized, his toxic cocktail of movies, ‘we the people’ went to sleep too, as a nation of free Canadians of all kinds, and woke up as ‘Indians’. Not the free and proud, varied tribes of pre-contact America, but the ones who were being driven to near-extinction at Wounded Knee and on the reservations which the elites of the day had decided were all these people needed, as they were going to steal the rest. The Indians were assured by their tormentors that “they would own nothing, and be happy.”

I am now self-exiled from my native country by the various machinations of the permanent ‘Uniparty’ of Canada. This is a poorly bolted-together, rusted and outdated five-piece contraption consisting of a Neo-Liberal, (formerly) ‘Conservative’ Party of Canada; a ceremonially armed, mainly Sikh-controlled, New Democratic Party; the francophone, single-issue (separation) Bloc Quebecois with its unabashedly honest mantra “Fu*k Canada!” (an opinion gaining some traction across Canada today); and the stillborn, currently self-destructing Green Party. Last but certainly not least, is the Paleo-Liberal Party of Canada (in the US it would be called Neo-Con). I recently plugged my nose from abroad and watched the political ritual called ‘The Debates’ which followed the cynical, reigning party’s announcement of a forced ‘snap-election’. Trudeau had, a few months earlier, coerced an all-party agreement that: “this was not the time for an election …because Covid,” but as we shall see below, rules for these rulers, are made to be broken.

The scant five weeks allotted to the most crucial act in a democracy, an election, had not left sufficient time for both reflection, participation and the mechanics of getting a mail-in-ballot from Canada and back again. I could thus be a more objective observer of the exercise than I might otherwise have been.

In this frame of mind, I watched the highly-controlled, scripted and consequently vacuous Leaders’ [sic] Debates of which there were two in French. There was only one English debate in which most of the Q and A period was in French, in spite of 80% of Canadians being English speakers.

In brief, Canada today has only leftlefter and leftest parties left, at least as represented by the closed, boys club of the debates. It has come to be known as the Uniparty, a term borrowed from the US political vocabulary. [The uniparty is a permanent Mandarin class made up of bureaucrats/deep staters with republican and democrat politicians jockeying for position within the uniparty. -Vox Popoli].

The Uniparty’s policies are practically indistinguishable and all are ‘culturally Marxist.’ Strikingly, the only party to have clearly gained from the debates, by being excluded from the taint of them, increasing their support to double digits, is the libertarian/conservative People’s Party of Canada, of Maxime Bernier. The PPC had been excluded from the debates by the Liberal-run Leaders’ Debates Commission, a cabal of hack journalists, bureaucrats and retreads of the Liberal-bought state and corporate media. Understandably they have been excluded, as Bernier and his party are a real threat to them, offering what is now the only ‘conservative’ option available to a starved-of-choice electorate.

Here are the Uniparty leaders, in full complement, within hours of the English language debate, trying to ‘jolly’ Canadians into what they had, moments ago, completely avoided debating, the imposition of an experimental MRNA gene therapy, which they all insist on misrepresenting as a “vaccine,” by means of coercion and even bribery. The scene is reminiscent of some of the sinister Covid ‘hospital videos’ in which masked and hazmat-suited, allegedly ‘medical’ staff performed their grotesque dances in ugly, fluorescent green ‘gowns’ and lighting. One wondered what all the dying patients, that had allegedly swamped the ICU wards, were doing to survive, as their care-givers rehearsed and filmed videos. Given a choice between their macabre convulsions and death, many may have chosen death. But we are unlikely to ever find out how many, since, as is the case with New York “Care Homes,” Freedom of Information Applications (FOIA) are being ignored and the diabolically named “Care Homes,” not hospitals, is where the vast majority of Covid deaths occurred throughout the Western world. https://twitter.com/i/status/1436346846662770691

The participants in the election and the video above are from Left to Right: Justin Trudeau the multi-millionaire playboy and disgraced drama teacher; Erin O’Toole, the retired, mid-ranking officer from the sex-scandalized and otherwise troubled Canadian military; Yves-Francois Blanchet from the “Phuque Canada!” Quebecois-centric party; Jagmeet Singh, the political activist and lawyer (a Canadian Obama) and finally the only woman on the ‘team’, whose name almost no Canadian knows, but is Annamie Paul, leader of a Green Party in free-fall. Invisible once more is the only party which was not able to participate in the debates and which has an opposing platform, the People’s Party of Canada, that has doubled its support in the opinion polls since being excluded from the debates and this video.

There is a white-hot rage, by Canadian standards, against Trudeau, not limited by age or social class. His chief and crucial support is in Toronto and Montreal, the two largest cities and most unlike the rest of Canada, marked by what the Uniparty calls ‘diversity’ (much-touted by Trudeau especially), but which looks more like the very old Imperial and crooked policy of Divide et Impera – Divide and Rule. As in the USA and now in the EU, large cities in Canada have been historically settled with new immigrants, nowadays often un-vetted, who come into what appears to them to be a no-strings-attached, perpetual welfare state. They will eventually, after three years, probably vote Liberal, not understanding, even if they wanted to, the poorly-run and disingenuous debates and perhaps not even knowing, or caring, who is standing at the podiums, but seeing the Liberal Party as the sole, reliable distributor of largess.

On-stage, there was no shortage of nepotism, organic back-scratching and make-believe of various kinds. Trudeau has replaced a favorite verbal tick of his first years of misrule: “From coatht, to coatht to coatht” [sic] [he has developed a lisp, MW] with “We have your back” or its variant “We have each others backs,” while in reality, many Canadians feel they would never turn their back on Trudeau lest they find a dagger in it.

Trudeau may be a terrible person, a liar, a poseur and a sociopath, if not worse, but he has a strong survival instinct and knows how to strike a pose. His one professional expertise, drama, (lying and pretense) has carried him through two elections and may, given the low information capacity of the average voter, carry him to a third minority. But a minority, after what he has done, would be seen as a colossal failure and signal his demise. At least sixty percent of the population would rejoice at such an outcome.

Anti-Trudeau crowds gather spontaneously at his carefully stage-managed, fifteen-minute-long campaign stops to yell at him, practice vulgar semiotic hand-signals, and chant slogans, often simply the wisdom of the people: “Fu*k you Trudeau!” or variations on the theme. These crowds are larger than the ones ‘supporting’ Trudeau at his ‘quickie’ rallies, where the few dozen people who show up, like at Biden ‘rallies’, seem to be on payroll. Trending on Twitter are several, humorous collections of ‘clips’ of Trudeau ‘running for the bus’, not so much to get somewhere as to escape the outpouring of emotion against him. Indeed in spite of his Dorian Gray Dorian Gray | Penny Dreadful Wiki | Fandom act of ‘perpetual’ youth, in many ways, Justin seems almost as old as Biden. Trudeau silent for 21 seconds after question about Trump's response to protesters – YouTube

Two unforced errors by Trudeau and his Leaders’ Debates Commission enlivened the debates which were otherwise a blancmange of double-speak, right-think, and botched interpreting. The first unforced error was a sleazy attempt to exclude all remaining independent media from participation in the debates. The rest have been bribed by the Liberal Party’s slush fund for ‘Worthy Journalism’.

If figures disgorged from the government with the aid of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) are correct, the Liberal Party has doled out 661 million dollars to “worthy media” (600 million during the last election and 61 million since July/August 2021), without proper accounting,

On September 14th, 2021 Rebel News published a list, obtained under FOIA, which names most of those who have received the emolument just prior to the announcement of the current election. As of today, the mainstream media, most of which appears on the list (though individual names are still being protected), has ignored the story. Only one small paper, Canadaland, published an article about it on September 10th, 2021: Which Media Benefitted From The Trudeau Government's Covid-19 Funds? True North published the list on the 11th of September and Rebel News followed three days later: Every news media who secretly took Trudeau's $61M pre-election pay-off – Rebel News

In the recent past, such clearly unethical misappropriations of taxpayer funds would have resulted in the resignation of the Finance Minister or even the Prime Minister, and perhaps even the fall of a government. No longer. It appears that in Trudeau’s WEF – ‘imagined’ Great Reset Canada, bribes are alright, as long as you call them something else. Unsurprisingly, the recipients of the largess are unlikely going to call for their own heads.

The second unforced error offered the only real frisson of excitement. It took the form of the emergency court case brought by a highly visible, mainly crowd-funded citizen journalist news agency called Rebel News. They were asking for an injunction against a Debates Commission decision designed to keep out ‘outsiders’ by giving the Commission the power to decide who was and who was not a journalist. To add to the drama, the court case was being heard on an emergency basis mere hours before the debates in question. Federal Judge Elizabeth Heneghan delivered a stunning, last-minute vindication of Rebel News, accepting their argument that, what the Liberal Party had attempted, through its corrupt Debates Commission, was ‘attainment’, devising a law or a rule solely to achieve an illegal end against a targeted person or group – in this case, the exclusion of Rebel News and its journalists. Bill of attainder – Wikipedia. Such things are usually only done in dictatorships before they fully blossom and no longer pretend to be subject to Rule of Law.

The most oft-repeated words of the inept and corrupt Trudeau regime for five years had been ‘Diversity is our Strength’ among other such vapid and unexamined, but highly emotive nonsense. Now they had been caught by the Court, wet-handed, trying to drown ‘diversity’ in the bath-tub and then lying about it. For those who had been following the court case, a pall now hung over the debates. Then Trudeau and the Debates Commission, with their accomplices, made things even worse by overtly fiddling with the phone-lines, on air, during the questions period when, “because Covid,” the majority of Rebel journalists had been forced to phone in and wait their turn in a phone queue. Someone’s great wheeze was making believe that the Rebel News journalists were not there. They were there, in substantial numbers and in real time. (Watch 3:30 –7:49) Rebel News LIVE! English Language Federal Leaders' Debate

Infantile, ham-handed and slapstick though this was, (much like Trudeau’s three black-face romps and his interminable 11:10 AM Covid scoldings of the Canadian people), this time it was happening against the background of a court injunction with clear instructions from a Federal Judge to stop these shenanigans. Trudeau’s vandals are incapable of even that and what a sad lesson in tyrannical pettiness they provided to anyone watching. All five of the Uniparties have read from the same script in shutting out Rebel News, with the clearly scripted, yet shamelessly repeated mantra: “Sorry! [optional – MW] I do not answer questions from Rebel News.”

Sadly, the qualifications in Canada for provincial and federal politics are: owning a suit and a good set of teeth, and creeping up the greasy pole from School Board Trustee, eventually into Provincial and Federal politics, or, being the putative offspring of a Prime Ministerial Oligarchic Dynasty. In other words, the qualifications are somewhat less than zero. As collateral damage of the Canadian method of accession to ‘high’ political office, ‘serving’ as School Board Trustee for years, Canadian schools too are broken. As will be illustrated below in a fresh Liberal scandal.

Trudeau,(circa 2001) possibly with ‘his’ high-school students

at West Point Grey Academy, the private school where he taught.

He has not seen fit to explain any of his three known ‘grease-paint’ episodes.

Trudeau’s and the other Uniparty leaders’ defiance of court injunctions issued only hours earlier, amounted to contempt of court. Trudeau’s Liberal party had been giving reign to such behavior in parliament and elsewhere for years. No Prime Minister before him, in the entire history of British Parliamentary Democracy, had been found guilty of three ethics violations. Such low characters and behavior had never before entered into the Holy of Holies, the debates, which were ostensibly deciding the fate of the country, as Trudeau had promised, “for decades to come,” with the goal being The Great Reset of 2030.

Rebel News had won its court case handily, although it could only afford to hire one crowd-funded lawyer from the prairies, who was pitted against seven of Trudeau’s lawyers, whose strategy was to silence him on spurious and quickly rejected grounds and huge volumes of paperwork, which had clearly angered the judge. The Debates Commission was served with the court injunction forcing them to accredit Rebel journalists and physically allow them in, as well as allow questions to be asked by Rebel News and its eleven journalists. Rebel News had actually fielded more journalists than the moribund, Soviet-style, state broadcaster, the CBC, sometimes referred to as the Covid Broadcasting Corporation. Only AP, I believe, had fielded more.

Rebel, along with True North, and several others, is now among the few nation-wide news networks which actually visits the streets and squares across Canada on a regular basis, while the doughnut-sated, sexist (there are almost no males in sight) state/corporate media, with multi-billion dollar funding (on top of the ‘pay-offs’), mainly stays in downtown high-rises or expensive condos (if working from home because …Covid) and recycles AP and Reuters fables about what is going on.

All four of the five leaders during the debates: Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Erin O’Toole, as well as Yves-Francois Blanchet of the Bloc Quebecois, rudely refused to answer questions from what Trudeau referred to as “your… [long pause]… group.” After which, in an act of shameful hubris and unmitigated arrogance he snarled: “I won’t call it a “media organization.” Trudeau went on to use the podium and the one Rebel question to which he partially responded, to attack and incite hatred against Rebel News, blaming them for… well… everything. He also targeted his favorite bogey-man, the“unvaxed,” threatening them with growing and total societal exclusion, stopping just short of accusing them of premeditated murder. He did all this just days after launching an RCMP investigation, not into his own many grievous improprieties, but into who, allegedly, threw a bit of gravel at him while he was, yet again, running to escape angry Canadians into the multi-layered, security cordon of his big, red, campaign bus. Here is the clip of Trudeau practicing contempt of court and of the independent, unbribed media, while at the same time avoiding hard questions: Trudeau slams Rebel News: “I won’t call it a media organization”. Thus, Trudeau turned an unforced error into an own-goal.

Though the overt contempt of court and Judge Elizabeth Heneghan’s injunction is upsetting and a sign of things to come if Trudeau is not removed, what is even worse is to watch this clearly, mentally unstable poseur and grifter work himself into a sanctimonious white rage over what would once have been simply a difference in opinion and, dare I say it, “a matter for debate.”

Such options and niceties no longer exist in Canada. Trudeau goes on in the video clip to violate more Canadian laws, some of his own making, such as ‘fomenting hatred against identifiable groups’ known as “hate speech” specifically against Rebel News, its journalists and those who choose not to be lab-rats in a Globalist Corporate Pharma MRNA experiment. Alas for him, too many rumors and allegations swirl to the effect that the entire Trudeau cabal of unqualified and incompetent, but for now loyal grifters, have undeclared, financial interests in all aspects of The Great Reset and The Nuremberg Code-violating ‘jab,’ a coerced medical injection. This includes the almost completed reset of Canada’s prized Universal Health Care system into a ‘Telehealth’, digitized system as is occurring throughout The Five Eyes + Israel and beyond. The number of medical deaths due to untreated disease is already in the many tens of thousands and the number of postponed medical procedures and missed diagnoses, and the resultant years-long backlog, will likely cause many more deaths than Covid, or even the ‘jab’ has.

It has not helped Canadians and their democracy that parliament has been both prorogued (suspended by ruling party decree) and then placed on ‘Zoom’ for the last two years, clearly to avoid the many ongoing investigations into Trudeau’s ethics violations. Answers to questions about the state of the economy and about the ethical and systemic deterioration of Canada’s government are not forthcoming.

Members of Provincial parliaments and parliament in Ottawa are being summarily ejected from their parties, even from key positions in cabinet and as Speaker of the House, if they dare question the medical tyranny

In ‘position papers’ from the World Economic Forumand Event 201 (the 2019 Corporate/State/Pharma rehearsal of the, at the time, about-to-be-unleashed series of Pandemics), the term used for the many person-to-person services we have been lulled into thinking are secure, is Legacy Medicine, or Legacy Education, Legacy Banking etc. Those things may still be on the table, but the table, and the decision, no longer belongs to us.

No persecuted, de-platformed, de-monetized, canceled and otherwise establishment-threatened citizen journalism is perfect, nor do I always agree with it, but it has become connected to, and elevated by the Assange Paradigm – in which the full might of the state comes down hard on anyone who threatens its very costly, in terms of bribes and emoluments to the Fourth Estate and Mass Media, yet strangely frail, tissue of manufactured reality.

Make-believe has enveloped Canada like perpetual snow: a make-believe free press; a make-believe democracy; a make-believe, self-avowed feminist Prime Minster, Trudeau, who has used his position to grope and abuse women who do not ‘give in’ to him, whether politically or ‘otherwise’, not just female journalists, but his female, Native American Minister of Justice and many others from his inner cabinet. Thus, a make-believe ceremonial, ‘turban ‘n’ dagger’ style of diversity, with make-believe party differences when there are none, may have led to a national mental health crisis of schizophrenia, which remains untreated… “because Covid.” Schizophrenia – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic

The resulting confusion and chaos has been taken advantage of by the Uniparty to unleash a ‘quickie’ coup d’etat under cover of a fake pandemic and state-backed and forced, experimental gene therapy to bring in Digital Passports and a linked Digital Currency, essential to The Great Reset. Whichever party you vote for, (other than the PPC which stands little chance of forming a government), the goals are more or less the same. Meanwhile, the steady flow of ‘adverse events’ of the Experimental Gene Therapy will continue to work to reduce and disorient the population, while Stockholm Syndrome, by which the hostage-taken population of the West has been gripped for two years now, will continue to undermine cohesion and resistance.

The alleged Pandemic, and the lockdown-induced psychosis which it engenders, leads to social anomiegrowing isolation and multi-generational, arrested development, for which world populations will be personally absorbing and paying the Medical Industrial Complex, for decades, if not centuries to come. “We will not own anything” as the WEF and all the elites of the Five Eyes + Israel proclaim, because they will own everything. We will have perpetual bills for the ‘jabs’ (we can see now that they go on forever through ‘boosters’) and for the side-effects of the ‘jab’.

What Is The Cost Of A Vaccination Part 1 – Catherine Austin Fitts & Dolores Cahill

The Leaders’ Debates were a mock-defibrillation of a Uniparty having a near-death experience, run by the schoolmarmish, mostly female journalists of the mainstream media. The intellectually bankrupt Cultural Marxists of the Canadian intelligentsia, whom the Corporations are cynically backing, for now, cannot be shown onstage without dire consequences. I am thinking here of grand guignol monstrosities like Guilbault, Tam, Soros, Freeland and others. Trudeau’s ethics violations almost always involve corporations (WE and SNC Lavalin). Those who are profiting from the ethics violations [the Ottawa euphemism for embezzlement, theft and misappropriation of funds – MW] of the Trudeau Regime, are legion. Starting with the 1500 News Organizations released under FOIA and ending with the Prime Minister himself, and his family.

As in the USA, there have been regular ‘bended knee’ virtue-signaling events by Trudeau and other Uniparty members, before BLM and Native Activists and very likely before Antifa mercenaries as well. They all seem more like ‘smoke and mirrors’ than genuine contrition, however, Trudeau, who is really nothing but photogenic, needed more – a George Floyd Moment – and he was going to get one, with its own Canadian flavor – maple syrup comes to mind.

Perhaps the most disturbing event in the lead-up to this snap-election is the highly-suspect ‘discovery’ by notoriously unreliable ‘ground radar’ of alleged ‘unmarked’ graves at a former Residential School for Native American children. In her reporting of this event, Drea Humphrey of Rebel News excelled and provided the context, analysis and face-to-face interviews now deemed quite unnecessary by mainstream media. Within the context of Trudeau’s and the Debate Commission’s slanderous accusations and the antidote to them – simply good, old-fashioned journalism – this link is worth opening. Here is Rebel News pouring water on that story, the only news organization which did not simply take dictation from AP/Reuters and the Prime Minister’s office, but actually went to the site to learn what, if anything, had happened. (5) Questions remain after discovery of remains of 215 children at Kamloops residential school – YouTube

The timely, for Trudeau, narrative of the unmarked graves was about to be undermined by the exposed fraudulence of Trudeau’s avowed ‘progressive’ attitude towards women, diversity and blacks. He is not sure how many times he wore black-face, but the last time he did it he was 29 years old and casually, it appears, groping a student as well. His supra-racist attitude to Native Americans has been exposed many times. He can ‘take a knee’ one day, posing tearfully on their children’s graves, and sadistically abuse peaceful protesters in cold blood the next. Yet the cover run for him by most of the press makes him seem Teflon-coated. It takes upstart young journalists on social media or seasoned journalists at the end of their careers and financially secure, to lay out the truth: (5) Christie Blatchford: Trudeau will get away with blackface because he's a Liberal – YouTube

Media culpability in the creation of the cult of Trudeau’s personality began early, when Trudeau’s insulting, “Daddy’s home” harangues at 11:10 AM daily were handed down to Canadians from his Rideau ‘cottage’ steps. The “we are all in this together” part of his inappropriate, daily scolding of the Canadian people was a total lie, in which the press was wholly complicit. When Trudeau’s ‘place of quarantine’ is mentioned, it is never shown but for one, fixed shot. What is seldom added is that at the time of the harangues, he was estranged from his wife and children, that his high-school friend and disgraced adviser, Jerry Butts, was probably cozily isolated with Trudeau and that the humble ‘cottage’ had 26 rooms and 17,000 square feet of living space situated in a 27 acre groomed, private park on the Ottawa River. Had Trudeau’s ‘loyal’ press moved their fixed-for-months camera position three feet or used their gift of speech, all of this would have become self-evident.

Contrary to a prepared and misleading chart, ostentatiously flashed at us during the debates, the number of ‘boil-water’ and ‘mercury’ advisories [warnings really] on the reservations has remained constant throughout the five years of Trudeau misrule. His attitude towards Native Americans is revealed in several exchanges in which he thought he could abuse natives without his press reporting it. He was largely right, but a leaked video shows his almost sexual sadism toward several Native Americans who, for their limited budget, having paid a huge fee to enter a closed, fund-raiser dinner with Trudeau, unfurled a banner and asked when they could have drinkable water. (5) Indigenous protester interrupts Trudeau event – YouTube As is the case with psychopaths, Trudeau has to be a master, not of emotion, but of the simulation of emotion to control and manipulate others, as needed.

The quality and intensity of scorn and insult meted out by this dynastic, oligarch ‘son’ of an earlier Prime Minister to Native peoples is no different than that inflicted by earlier governing elites in Canada. Here is a dialogue from the parliamentary record in 1878 of an allegedly ‘humorous’ exchange between two major figures in Canadian history, Sir John A. McDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada and William Lyon McKenzie, a parliamentarian and progressive newspaper publisher of the day. To contextualize it properly, the “Sitting Bull” being mocked and made the butt of these Victorian gentlemen’s jibes was trying to find safe haven for his once huge and important tribe, the Sioux. He had asked for permission to stay in Canada under protection of the Queen. That permission was about to be denied, forcing Sitting Bull and his people into the US prepared massacre at Wounded Knee.

Sir John: “I do not see how a Sitting Bull can cross the border.”

Mr McKenzie: “Not unless he rises.”

Sir John: “Then he is not a sitting Bull.” – Session 1878 pp. 353-354

Almost all the male ‘leaders’, in defiance of the spirit of the court injunction, refused to answer questions to journalists of the Rebel News team, almost all of whom on that particular night were women and one of whom is female, black and Native American. What was the real reason for this? The questions were clear, concise, important and highly discomforting, exactly the questions Canadians have been discussing among themselves. All of Rebel News journalists' questions from the English-language debate And here is special mention for Jagmeet Singh of the NDP branch of the Uniparty. He adds a touch of ‘diversity’ and exotic charm to the same anti-democratic, ultimately testosterone-charged boys club led by Trudeau: NDP leader Jagmeet Singh refuses to answer questions from any of Rebel’s female journalists

About two months ago, just as Trudeau was thinking of his ‘snap-election’, someone decided to run some ‘ground radar’ over a cemetery at a Residential School. This resulted in the ‘alleged’ discovery (“ground radar” is notoriously imprecise) of “unmarked graves” which speedily evolved in the press into ”mass graves,” which then grew from, allegedly, a few score to many thousands, and still counting. Here was another useful George Floyd moment for Justin Trudeau. Trudeau used it, as is the custom, to demand more apologies from the Pope, promise even more outlandish amounts of money to tribal councils “for healing” and more “ground radar,” for opening old wounds I guess. Trudeau and his ‘team’ and the Uniparty took the knee everywhere they went, frequently with iconic teddy bears. As well, Trudeau canceled the celebration of Canada’s Birthday lowering the flag to half-mast, which continues to this day. But when we are told, understandable arson of churches began, Trudeau did not rush to condemn it, but let it go on without condemnation, much to the distress of Christians whose churches had earlier been forcibly shut down and many of their pastors heavily fined or arrested by SWAT teams in front of congregants and/or families and children, and once even, on a busy highway. As of last month 60 churches had been burnt, most of them in poor native communities. Most native communities are highly impoverished, scores have ‘boil water’ orders, though Trudeau has been promising to fix that for five years with little to no progress. To add insult to injury, something Trudeau has a special talent for, the churches are used by native people, not only for worship, but for food and clothing distribution and as a gathering place for communal events and recreation, and I imagine, as psychiatric hospitals and women’s, men’s and children’s shelters as well, when they have nowhere else to go to escape the centuries-old systemic abuse on the isolated reservations.

While Trudeau’s verbal assaults on people who do not wish to be lab-rats in his pet MRNA experiment and on anyone who disagrees with him on any topic are instant and unequivocal, he claims, after a pause, to “understand” the impulse to burn down churches and topple statues.

68 Christian churches in Canada have been vandalized, burned down or desecrated since the announcement last month of the apparent discovery of graves found near a residential school in Kamloops, BC.

In mid September, another shocking story emerged, but this time clearly unscripted and unplanned by the Trudeau regime. Books were being burned by at least one Ontario School Board. The flames of that fire were to grow hotter and hotter. By the time a week went by it turned out that the self-identifying, allegedly Native American, ‘adviser’ to the board on matters ‘native’ had lied about her origins in order to secure her job. Her real ancestry lay, not in Ojibway/Innu territory, but somewhere between Luxembourg and France. I will name her here since ‘saying her name’ is all the ‘woke’ fashion – Suzy Kies:

“While Kies’ father was born in Luxembourg, her mother is of French racial [sic] origin, according to civil status registers.

After the interview, Radio-Canada conducted an internal investigation surrounding Kies’ ancestry. In Radio-Canada’s reporting, they found civil status records on Kies and the Abenaki Council of Odanak, who did not find Kies on any of the band lists.

“She has no indigenous ancestors for at least seven generations,” says Dominique Ritchot, coordinator of the Société Généalogique Canadienne-Française, which has collaborated with Radio-Canada as an independent researcher. “ – Newsweek.

It cannot be over-stated that this happened in Trudeau’s new, inter-sectional, culturally Marxist Canada which Trudeau plans to complete at ‘warp speed’ if re-elected, in order to attain his only stated goal, ‘The Great Reset’ scheduled to be completed by 2030, in line with the dictates of Klaus Schwab of the WEF, along with his oligarch allies. Lying to get ahead in Trudeau’s Canada is not an act to be punished, but admired for its ambition. Burning books as a form of redressing past injustices is no longer “what Nazis did” but a good thing “in the name of healing.” Suzy Kies may be a fraud, a grifter and a liar, but she is those things in a ‘good and noble cause’. WARMINGTON: School board says it got burned in Indigenous book burning | Toronto Sun Kies also held cultural posts in the Liberal Party of Canada. She was, in effect, not just some newbie school board crazy, but in charge of no less than Trudeau’s remake of a Truth and Reconciliation process, based on the one in South Africa.

Kies has made no apology about what she did; on the contrary, in a statement to CBC’s Radio-Canada, she said: “I refuse to have my story used to harm Justin Trudeau and our party” and “this is the reason why I am resigning from my position as co-chair of the Indigenous peoples’ commission.” I wonder if Kies was simply more adoring than the other women who did not walk away so nicely and politely. Her own chosen Facebook selfie with Trudeau suggests either an arch manipulator and sociopath or a pathetic liar with a post menopausal crush on the Boy King of Canada.

Contrast this case of institutionalized and systemic fraud, sanctioned and condoned by Trudeau and by extension, the Uniparty, to the publication, just-in-time-for-the election, of a new book by Jody Wilson Raybould, the former Minster of Justice and Attorney General mentioned earlier: ‘Indian in the Cabinet’, one chapter of which was published on September 11, 2021. Unlike Suzy Kies, she is a genuine Native American, and a tribal Chief who stood her ground against Trudeau when he wanted to, illegally, help out his corrupt corporate associates (possibly masters) at one of Canada’s largest corporations, SNC Lavalin.

In her now much more fulsome account of the pressure and intimidation brought to bear on her, not only by the Prime Minister’s henchmen and women, but by the Prime Minister himself, the picture of Trudeau, not as some harmless, infantilised clown in black-face, but as a serial abuser of women and ruthless, power-hungry oligarch thug, comes into focus. Opinion: ‘In that moment, I knew he wanted me to lie.’ Jody Wilson-Raybould recalls a tension-filled meeting with Justin Trudeau – The Globe and Mail

Trudeau had shut down the parliamentary committee investigating the SNC Lavalin case and soon afterwards shut down Parliament itself to avoid the inquiry from completing its work, which was not boding well for Trudeau. The Attorney General was removed by Trudeau under false pretenses and demoted from her key position in Cabinet (again the sadism here is inescapable), to Minister of Indian Affairs – a portfolio seen in Canada as an inferior one.

But not for long; she very soon resigned from that position, at which point several other women were forced to fall on their swords, to allow Trudeau to maintain tyrannical order in his cabinet, as well as his own, clearly, very fragile, psychological equilibrium. In some situations, the more bodies that litter the stage, the better. So much for the feminist Prime Minister in shining armor.

Here is an excerpt from Jody Wilson-Raybould’s book. A link to the entire chapter appears below:

“He asked if I trusted him. He also asked if I trusted his judgment to build a team. Ugh. Such questions. “I want to believe in you and trust in you,” I replied. “But it is hard to separate the two questions. I do not trust the people around you any longer.”

I could see the agitation visibly building in the Prime Minister. His mood was shifting. I remember seeing it. I remember feeling it. I had seen and felt this before on a few occasions, when he would get frustrated and angry. But this was different. He became strident and disputed everything I had said. He made it clear that everyone in his office was telling the truth and that I, and by extension Jessica Prince, my chief of staff, and others, were not. He told me I had not experienced what I said I did. He used the line that would later become public, that I had “experienced things differently.”

I knew what he was really asking. What he was saying. In that moment, I knew he wanted me to lie – to attest that what had occurred had not occurred. For me, this was just more evidence that he did not know me, did not know who I was or where I was from. Me – lie to protect a Crown government acting badly; a political party; a leader who was not taking responsibility. He must be delusional.

As he went on, I stared out the window over to the North Shore. I did not say anything for a while; I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of sadness and loss, and of deep disappointment. I knew then that the path that had led me to being the “Indian” in the Cabinet had veered in a different direction. The work was not over, certainly, but this man was not the leader I had thought him to be. It was clear. Now, it was clear.

I eventually told the Prime Minister that I was feeling uncomfortable and that I wanted to go. I told him the only option he had left me with was to consider whether I could stay in my position or whether I needed to resign, but that I needed to think more.

Before I could leave, he started to talk in his aggressive and condescending way about how much work we had done and still had to do. I cut him off and countered, “Don’t blame me for this. This is not my fault.” I was laser angry in that moment. I felt him turning on me even more – I could see it in his face, his eyes, and in his mannerisms – because he wasn’t getting his way.

I told him I had serious concerns and that my belief in him was very shaken. At some point, he asked me what he should say to the media. He had a media availability ostensibly on housing later that morning. He mentioned a line they were thinking of using: “Her presence in Cabinet speaks for itself …” Can you believe it? I told him I was not going to give him communications advice. How ridiculous. In my opinion, there is no spin on dishonesty.

I got up and left. I had to think.”

Excerpt from Indian’ in the Cabinet by Jody Wilson-Raybould. Published in the English language in Canada by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. Copyright © 2021 by Jody Wilson-Raybould. All rights reserved.

Opinion: ‘In that moment, I knew he wanted me to lie.’ Jody Wilson-Raybould recalls a tension-filled meeting with Justin Trudeau – The Globe and Mail

I will not judge Jody Wilson-Raybould harshly, had the combination of vanity and desire to do good in me been leveraged to get me to sign on to the Trudeau Regime and their superficial and fantastic schemes to remake the world and redress all wrongs, I may have been tempted.

I hope that re-reading some lines from Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee would keep more Canadians on the straight and narrow path: “They made so many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one: they promised to take our land, and they took it.”

Sitting Bull, Chief of the Sioux Tribe who was killed at Wounded Knee.

And that is Canada today, on the eve of possibly the last election it will ever see prior to devolving into a permanent medical tyranny, whether Trudeau gets a majority and perhaps even if he does not. The Trudeau regime has decreed that all Medical Industrial Complex Covid-related decisions will be made by the Chief Medical Officers of Health (CMOH) without ‘interference’ from Parliament; a deft avoidance of democratic debate and criminal responsibility at the same time. All the CMOH are more or less compromised, the best examples being Teresa Tam, Canada’s Federal CMOH, who for years has served full-time on the permanent board of directors of the WHO, a primarily Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and, therefore, ‘Big Pharma’ funded NGO. Although, yesterday a photo surfaced which seems to show Tam with Bell’s Palsy, and the headline “Tam says vaccine passports won’t work.” Consistency has not been a strong point in the fluctuating and unscientific pronouncements of the CMOH’s. So we shall see. But will many be sorry to see Tam ‘go,’ in any sense of the word, as she has dictatorially tormenting the population with scientifically and medically unfounded nonsense for almost two years.

And in case anyone thought Trudeau could not be so reckless and would wait at least for the results of the platformless, ‘mock referendum’ “election,” sixteen billion dollars have already been doled out to the provinces and some are rolling out the vaccine passports in the days both before and after the election on September 20th.

If Trudeau is reelected with a majority, and even if he is not, more ‘warp speed‘ junk from perpetual ‘booster jabs’ to vaccine passports and graphene nano-chipping, which no one asked for, will likely come into our lives to bedevil us and divide us further, because someone is making a lot of profit from these things and does not care how many of us they cull. Psychopaths are like that and they seem to have gotten together globally.

Nothing prevented those trillion dollar programs in the US, like Star Wars, SSDI and VietNam/Afghanistan from emptying the public treasury and eviscerating civil society, just as has happened in this sequel, the Covid Pandemic, dreamed up by the WEF, the WHO, George Soros and the Bill and Mengele[sic] Gates Foundation; aided and abetted by the charismatic for some, but despicably corrupt for most, unthinking fools like Trudeau and all his accomplices and acolytes.

Maybe we have to do a lot more than just vote.

The Vineyard of the Saker


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