More Covid Vaccination Means More Death and Injury – PCR

August 25, 2023 0

by Paul Craig Roberts The continuing suppression by presstitutes and the medical establishment of the truth revealed by numerous leading medical scientists about the ineffectiveness and danger of Covid vaccines, masks, and lockdowns has resulted in […]



August 23, 2023 0

It wasn’t about health or saving you from the dreaded flu virus. It was about them flexing their muscles and making you bow to their commands. They used irrational fear and false narratives about masks, […]


We Won’t Be Fooled Again – Kunstler

August 22, 2023 0

“Good faith people are willing to be corrected (because the Truth is important); not so the liars of course (they know they are wrong) or the ideologues. So the ideologues therefore don’t act in good […]


The Unforgivable Ivermectin Swindle – QTR

August 17, 2023 0

by QTR’s Fringe Finance This month, lawyers for the Food and Drug Administration admitted in a U.S. court that doctors “do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID”, an admission that stands at stark odds with […]

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