“Chemical Weapons Used On American Citizens”: The Latest EPA Hearing

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August 19th, 2015

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The following is an EPA Hearing held last week regarding aircraft emissions and climate change.

While some of the people testifying did speak to the propgandized version of man-made climate change that has been sold to the public by governments in league with the United Nations, other researchers and opponents to geoengineering took the opportunity to testify against Solar Radiation Management (sometimes referred to as chemtrails), or the spraying of heavy metals and other chemicals in the air to supposedly block the sun and stop, what we are told, is global warming.

Here’s what Stop Chemical Terrorism had to say on the subject:

On August 11th, 2015, activists met with the EPA to provide a legally-binding testimony to discuss the intentional release of chemical terror agents into the atmosphere from aircraft, such as sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, and bacterial agents.

This terrorist attack, using the euphemism “geoengineering,” is a violation of the Environmental Modification Convention, chemical terrorism laws, biological testing laws, and is even admitted as “genocide” by the IPCC.

With 40% of people dying from air pollution, one person every 1.3 seconds, we are left with one question: why does America use chemical weapons against their own citizens – knowingly and intentionally murdering their own population like a rabid dog that bites the hand that feeds?

Third world countries have a long history of using chemical weapons against their citizens. Now that America is behind China, what should we expect? Not only that, the Central Intelligence Agency, a funding source for geoengineering,has a long history of using chemical and biological weapons against Americans in projects such as Operation LAC, Operation DEW, Project 112, and Operation Ranch Hand – where soldiers were intentionally gassed with Agent Orange in order to “destroy Cuba’s crops.”

One interesting point brought up in the testimony relates to post-9/11, when the planes were grounded. A man testified that during that time period when there were curiously no trails in the sky, the sky cleared up and returned to a normal shade of blue verses the washed out sky we see on most modern days.

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