Trump supporter bloodied by anti-Trump protesters after San Jose police stood down following a Trump rally there.

There are many ways they could do this, but Cleveland city officials are basically setting up protesters for a huge fight at the RNC, and seemingly on purpose, court documents reveal.

In a lawsuit the ACLU has brought against the city of Cleveland, where the police have stocked up on a ton of riot gear, it has come to light that the way the city is setting up protester/supporter space for the RNC and handing out hardly any permits will force Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters (aka George Soros’ paid agitators) into a very narrow area with each other…

And we all know how that went down in California.

Via The Daily Caller:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio has filed a lawsuit, which is in part guided by Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone, over complaints of a lack of permit granting and a restrictive “event zone.” The ACLU is upset about the expansive size of the event zone, 3.3 miles, and the fact that restrictions of objects for security reasons will impact the homeless, Cleveland residents and college students.

The lawsuit also states, “the City will not issue any permits for any kind of public gathering or parade in the Event Zone throughout the Convention period, except for one designated parade route that lies along the southern border of the Zone.”

So one small space for everybody.

The city’s lawyer claims the city does not have a constitutional duty to provide groups with space… as if the First Amendment mentions free speech zones… but that’s not even the point.

The point is, if a group has a permit, they can ask to be provided police protection for their officially recognized demonstration.

Without one, this whole situation is akin to pouring gasoline on a match.

“It is also a combustible mix to force Trump supporters and paid agitators into the limited space allowed as they propose is a recipe for violence,” Stone told TheDC.

Gee… you think?

Quite obviously, that’s exactly what the system wants. Trump supporters shouldn’t take the bait, because it sounds like they’re walking into a much bigger, potentially much more violent ambush than San Jose.

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