Coup in Western Ukraine: the Arab Spring unleashed in Europe

by Andrew Korybko

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Ukraine’s “peaceful pro-European” protesters leave a burnt land behind. Photo of a burnt police bus taken by S.Morgunov at the Euromaidan in Kyiv on January 20, 2014

Rioters have seized the administration building in Lvov and forced the governor to resign. It is not known who is currently in power in this region, but a puppet government formed by ‘opposition forces’ may soon be set up. Demands for ‘autonomy’, or quite possibly, explicit separatist flirtations, may give Klitschko and his thugs added bargaining power to use against the democratically elected government during ‘negotiations’. It is likely that even more extremist activity will occur, led by Klischko, as he proclaimed on 22 January that, “If I have to go (on to the streets) under bullets, I shall go there under bullets.” Batkivshchyna Party leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk seconded this provocative threat to delve Ukraine into de-facto civil warfare, as he similarly stated on 22 January that “Tomorrow [23 January] we will go forward together. And if it’s a bullet in the forehead, then it’s a bullet in the forehead, but in an honest, fair and brave way.”

It is evident now that both men kept their threats in encouraging their respective militias to unleash carnage within the country. As with the Arab Spring events, these provocateurs are fiending for ‘some of their own’ to be killed by government forces seeking to re-establish control over anarchic areas. A full-fledged military or Berkut response by Yanukovich is exactly what Klitschko and Yatsenyuk want. For them, the more dead ‘protesters’, the better. It should be kept in mind that 1980s Poland was placed under martial law for much less violent disturbances than what we are witnessing in Ukraine at the moment.

The authorities now have to make a tough decision over whether to try to restore order to the restive region or to attempt to regain control over the capital. The situation is extremely grave, and it is now obvious that this hybrid Color Revolution/Arab Spring frankenstein is schizophrenically taking on more characteristics of the latter (not that any is good, for that matter). The Libyan method has apparently been ‘perfected’ to the point where outside actors feel comfortable deploying this Pandora’s Box inside of Europe itself.

It is clear that ever since the ‘Bulldozer Revolution’ in Serbia over a decade ago, the Color Revolution template has evolved into the Arab Spring, and now the two have morphed into EuroMaidan, a new type of warfare for our century. Because of the ease of NGO infiltration of targeted nations in today’s globalized world, as well as the synchronized terrorist and weapons-trafficking rings under the strong influence of various intelligence organizations, the threat of this ‘social’ weapon/virus being deployed in more and more countries has never been higher. It should be seen as no coincidence that 3,000 Middle Eastern terrorists were planned to be relocated to Romania, possibly for use in militantly training certain elements of the Ukrainian ‘opposition’. This demonstrates that the outside powers are intent on digging in for the long-run and unleashing as much destabilization as possible. Ukraine’s “peaceful pro-European” protesters leave a burnt land behind. Photo of a burnt police bus taken by S.Morgunov at the Euromaidan on January 20, 2014

Ukraine’s “peaceful pro-European” protesters leave a burnt land behind. Photo of a burnt police bus taken by S.Morgunov at the Euromaidan in Kyiv on January 20, 2014

Gene Sharp is the mastermind of the seemingly innocuous strategies that serve as a prelude and ‘dog whistle’ to this viral outbreak, and George Soros is the financier. Nations need to work together to repel this leprosy and protect themselves, their citizens, and global stability. The movement of Arab Spring-like warfare to Europe shows the confidence that the coordinators have in using this weapon anywhere they please. Today, Ukraine — Tomorrow, any other subjectively defined ‘non-Western non-Liberal-Democratic’ state.

Ukraine has long been the focus of Western meddling as part of a larger geostrategic game aimed at countering Russia. Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in 1994 that “it cannot be stressed strongly enough that without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire.” A little over a year ago, the US implicitly released a statement via then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that it would do whatever is within its means to roll back Russia’s economic integrationist efforts. After describing Russia’s Eurasian Union plans as “a move to re-Sovietize the region”, she proceeded to threaten that “we know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.”

Undoubtedly, the world is now witnessing what the US had in mind when it threatened to “slow down” and “prevent” economic cooperation between Ukraine and Russia. With Ukrainian stability cracking under the pressure of continued chaos and the economy on the brink of near-total collapse, the lie of EuroMaidan’s ‘pro-EU integrationist’ goals have been revealed. Either the EU will in no way accept a future failed-state Ukraine, licking its wounds from prolonged civil strife, to enter into the organization, or it, in coordination with its NATO overseers, had it planned all along to collapse the country and profitably rebuild it under the aegis of the West. Either way, the fabled ‘path to Europe’ has been exposed as the sham that it is, and absolutely nothing of positive value can come to the average citizen from what the militant participants have done to their country in the name of ‘Euro-integration’.

The much-publicized talks of a ‘ceasefire’ are nothing more than an attempt for the saboteurs to buy time and continue overthrowing as many regional governments (in Western Ukraine) as possible. They are unfortunately as much of a sham as the Geneva II talks, as both ‘opposition’ groups want nothing more than regime change, and will stop at nothing to achieve this. Every action, every word, is no more than a deception to trick, disarm, and pacify any resistance to them so that they can inch ever more closely towards their directed-from-abroad nationwide coups.

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