Dark Left Starting Soft Civil War – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says, “I would say we are in a soft civil war, and the ones that are starting this civil war, and they have gotten more aggressive almost by the day, they are what you call the “Dark Left.” They are no longer the party of JFK. They are the Deep State, and the shadow government are at war with the founding principles of this country. They are at war specifically with Donald Trump because he has actually stood in the face of the Deep State and in the face of the Congress and Senate, which is riddled with corruption. This Dark Left civil war they started is intensifying. Then you have the rest of Americans out there that are good and patriotic God and country people that are on the other side of this civil war. They are peaceful and keep their mouth shut for the most part, but the notes and emails I get say they are fed up with what these people are doing. The ultimate goal, of course, is the Constitution itself, which they believe was written by bigoted old European white men. So, their target is the Constitution and the founding principles of freedom and faith. That is their target.”

On President Trump’s recent announcement that America is pulling troops out of Syria, Shipp says, “Well, Trump just spit right in the face of the military industrial complex. Syria started when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and she secretly ran guns (to ISIS terrorists) . . . The CIA, Obama Administration and Secretary Clinton armed the Free Syrian Army claiming they were moderates. I’ll tell you right now there is no such thing as a moderate Islamic army.”

Shipp thinks that many high ranking people are going to be indicted for various crimes and treason. Shipp predicts, “I think both Clintons are going to be indicted. I don’t think there is any question about that. There are members of the Clinton Foundation that are going to be indicted.”

Other high profile indictments, according to Shipp, “Barack Obama is eventually going to be indicted. Mueller is probably going to be indicted for his treasonous activity. John Brennan, I am absolutely convinced, will be indicted and possibly James Clapper, too. I am also pretty certain James Comey will be indicted.” That’s just a few that Shipp predicts will be brought up on charges.

Shipp, who had a very high security clearance as a CIA Officer, has also released a new bombshell allegation about the CIA during the Vietnam War. Shipp says 20 years ago, he found out about a genocide orchestrated by the CIA where 40,000 Vietnamese were shot in the back of the head with a special pistol during that conflict. Shipp says he found out where the genocidal pistols were buried along with the story about murders committed by the CIA that was called “Operation Phoenix.” Shipp says, “I just released this because I am fed up, and people need to know about this horrible program the CIA did and then tried to bury the evidence from our government and the American people.” Shipp also says, “I put this on my website four days ago. . . .I am in quite a bit of danger, and I have been in this position for 18 years or so. This is going to cause a huge explosion. I have released the existence of ‘Operation Phoenix’ and where the skeletons are buried.”

Shipp also predicts a big reset of the U.S. dollar coming sooner than later. Shipp says, “Yes I do. It’s going to be horrible if the dollar loses its reserve status. I think they will absolutely do that. I think, also, if you add that ‘missing’ $21 trillion, our deficit is actually double what is being said in public. There is something very, very serious going on with that $21 trillion. I have my own opinion as to where it went, but, yeah, I think there will be a reset.”

What does a reset look like to the guy on the street? Shipp says, “First of all, the dollar plummets in value. That is going to affect everyone’s financial life in this country. They will devalue the dollar, which is going to take us into a very serious recession. . . . There is no question we are going to enter into a financial crisis. No question. . . . By the end of the year, we will see serious financial problems.”

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