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Madame DeFarge


In 2007 under Bush the younger, Congress passed the Renewable Fuels Standard that was designed to save the world. It has only resulted in the further impoverishment and starvation for the working classes across the globe.

The grain prices actually doubled overnight in reaction to this boondoggle. The real winners were of course the multi-national agriculture companies that own most of our land.  Another big winner was good ‘ole Al Gore and the Chicago Climate Exchange.  He was actually printing currency and major international companies still support it.  A Climate Credit was a paper representation of a tree being planted in the Amazon!  Big Al and his partners set up a market in Chicago trading credits and did well for a couple of years until he was laughed off the street.  Several large corporations fell into line giving it a short but amusing lifespan in the US but its’ continued use in Europe still drains our pocketbooks through their subsidiaries worldwide.


The green energy program got off to a slow start because of the stock market crash and recession 2008.  Many people forgot about the whole thing.  The market reaction that is the unintended consequence of simple people in charge was the spike in food prices worldwide.  The lower income peoples took a double whammy.  Skyrocketing food and fuel prices hurt Americans and also brought famine to many areas of the world. Unintended consequences? Our current food and fuel inflation could be brought under control with the stroke of Joe Bribe’ ems pen but people have now forgotten and accepted the scam.

After the Dutch governments’ attempt to eliminate farm land in Europe a new light has been shed on the matter.  They are still plugging away at total control.  The other amusing item is that both food and fuel pricing in the US have been eliminated from the consumer price index to hide the huge surge.  This was obviously to attempt to disguise the results of the programs of our intellectuals in charge.  The geniuses who arranged the new formulas were Jimmah Carter and little barry obama.  Who wouda thunk it?

By 2008 the prices in the world grain market had stabilized at high levels.  The peasants in the Middle and Near East began to experience hunger for the first time in decades.  The muslim countries all have dictatorships of one form or another and blame is easily focused.  If there is hunger, the streets rapidly fill with protests and the King is chasing his head down the street and Madame Defarge has scored again. These populations have always lived hand to mouth and it takes little to create a riot.

So began the Arab Spring. The paid green geniuses in DC had not factored in this worldwide food pricing effects which created their shock and awe at the governments being flipped across the Mediterranean.  They could not even figure out the cause after it began.  Several governments fell including Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia.  Syria still has US troops on the ground after 12 years. Hundreds of thousands of people have died as a direct result of our neurotics shouting slogans about gasoline engine emissions for personal recognition and funding.

I left out Libya as it is a special case. The Arab Spring food revolutions gave the US a nice curtain to operate behind to continue dollar supremacy by crushing Ghadaffi. He had announced a new monetary system for Africa.  It was to be based on gold!  It would replace the French African franc and other regional currencies. The Federal Reserve and London could not allow this to happen for obvious reasons.  As the noted humanitarian Hilly Clinton said, “We came, we saw, he died.” The banks must be supreme.

The hungry natives were fleeing war and were trying to escape to anywhere.  Interestingly enough their moslem brothers in Saudi Arabia did not allow any refugees to enter. There is a ready made city for 3 million people that is empty most of the year to house the worshipers on their pilgrimage to mecca. Why? I never heard.  HMMM? The only place left to run was Europe. Angie Merkel and her buddy Chirac had declared that moslem assimilation could not work in 2010 but suddenly changed their policy soon thereafter.  Soros has deep pockets.  Pictures of refugees in boats and the body of one kid were shown repeatedly on TV to soften opposition to this invasion.

There were the usual staged cries of “the children” to appeal to silly females and soon the continent began to experience a demographic change back towards eastern primitivism. Europe today is a memory for white people.  England has a Pakistani prime minister!  It is unsafe to walk in Paris.  Germany has built more mosques than churches.  This is all because of the global warming scam and the paid simpletons in DC that have no responsibility for their mistakes.  It certainly is an interesting ending for Europe after 500 years of world domination.  All because of a few simpletons in charge.

One other area of international destruction is the MBA program in your college or university.  The MBA is the acronym for Master of Bureaucratic Advancement.  It has been the wedge to eliminate independent thought in business which is paving the way for an AI society. Its’ recipients bark like seals after a dangling fish to please their betters.  It is a great model for the DC dump because if you fill the form correctly, no fault can be found with the employee and his sinecure is untouched.

Fifty years ago the MBA program was shiny and new and allowed students to enter a corporation in a mid level job instead of beginning at the bottom.  International corporations needed employees trained in both the US and European methods of business.  The new creation of the Master of International Business was formed at the University of South Carolina.  It was very successful and resulted in a cross pollination of students from the US and Europe.

The new student communication lines helped push the Euro-socialist ideas into the US. The more efficient US industry system was laid bare for exploitation.  Opening these lines also helped the WEF and the new Adolph set up his organization.  Lastly, when dollar bill Clinton was paid to allow the Chinese into the World Trade Organization, the communication lines were already open to help ship our manufacturing base overseas. All it took was money to grease the skids and the MIBA boys could cash their stock options and hit the road.  The final touches were provided by joe bribe ‘em and the chinese are calling the financial shots. Americans suffer again.  The sucking sound was the industrial work of generations being flushed to Asia.

The cause and effect equation is beyond the ability of the DC crowd to handle. These changes in our international standing and organization probably never entered the minds of these idiots. Five hundred years of systemic growth have been eliminated and several empires destroyed by these nerds and we get to witness it.  What fun!

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  1. “Deep State Incompetence”? This article is pure propaganda and I’m seeing a considerable amount of it in the “alternative media” lately relative to the COVID genocide and now the economic massacre Yellen announced loud and clear. A crook here, a crook there and everything “just happened” because of all the incompetent “nerds”?
    The Globalist banksters led by the Rothchilds and their merry band of “family, friends, minions, spokesmen, Hitler Youth ‘Young Global Leaders’ have marched across scorched Earth with odious intent. The Globalists, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Warburg, “King” Charles et al, often referred to more correctly as the Khazarian Mafia, have written copiously, spoken openly and even carved their intentions in stone. Generations of mass murder, theft and destruction has been deliberately, maliciously planned in detail and carried out by those charged to do so. Now, the plot narrative is falling apart. The psychopathic perps are beginning to sense they’ve been broadly exposed but they have yet to realize they have lost. They still believe “credible denial” will save them from the Rath of humanity. There will be much more death and destruction before they do realize it.

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