Dire State of Affairs

by Scott Thomas Outlar

BeginningIsNearAs a species we have arrived at the crux point. There are two parallel paths before us that will soon veer off in totally different directions. One leads toward Heaven on Earth, the other toward Armageddon. We stand at the cusp of either apotheosis or extinction, and we each have a choice to make. I do not speak specifically on behalf of any particular race, creed or ethnicity, nor any political, social or religious sect. I’m speaking on behalf of all humanity and feel no presumptuousness in doing so.

We each must decide whether to slip into the iron clad grasp of complete technological, medical, eugenics-based tyrannical terrorism, or to throw off the shackles that bind us, and liberate our souls and collective psyche with our birthright of unbridled creative freedom.

We are being herded into the slaughterhouse stockyards at an ever-increasing pace. It is time for those of us who see through the manipulation of our oppressors to raise our voices, and issue our warnings. It’s time to steer the species back out into the lush open fields where we can graze together in anarchic tribes, using peace and non-aggression as the principles with which we self organize.

Some have claimed that the Global Technocratic Priest Class wants to reduce the world population by up to 80% through soft-kill weapons like sterilization, poisoned food and water, spiked vaccines and synthetic drugs, and more overtly by waging wars of aggression using the commoners as cannon fodder. The evidence suggests such conspiracy theories have merit. These psychopaths live in their ivory towers, with seemingly unlimited financial resources, and are protected by military force. Some would like to implement a system of neo feudalism using the United Nations Agenda 21 as the blueprint. Karma will not smile upon those who offer no resistance.

Shots laced with mercury, formaldehyde, and polio and cancer viruses; unnatural chemical ingredients including artificial dyes in our food; genetically modified crops linked to sterility; growth hormones and antibiotics in the livestock; estrogen mimicking compounds in the plastic and ink; aluminum, barium and strontium sprayed in the air via geological engineering; fluoride and toxic waste from pesticide production dumped in the water; schools that receive financial incentives based on the number of students that are diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medications; doctors who are paid kickbacks for the experimental pharmaceuticals they promote and push on patients; weaponized swine flu released as a beta test; forced inoculations for children; schools that allow students as young as twelve to sign their own permission forms to receive shots. Such are just some of the many problems we are confronted with. We face attacks from every conceivable angle, and on every level.

The heart of the System, the Federal Reserve, receives its marching orders from the World Bank (the brain of the Beast) and controls the printing press with a fascist titty twist. The financial markets are run as a speculative casino of fractional derivative madness. The zombie banks should have been buried years ago, yet survive as parasites upon our wealth.

Let them die.

Hasten the demise by cutting off the slush fund from which their bloody fangs suck.

The federal TSA agents that trample the privacy of passengers in airports are now taking their circus act on the road with VIPR units to subways, sport stadiumsand streets across the country. In fact, a judge once ordered their presence at ahigh school prom, though, fortunately for the students, they opted out of participation at that time. Rest assured, however, it’s just a matter of time before ideas like this are implemented as regular, common practices on the part of the agency. It’s all an effort to normalize their existence and create apathy in the general population. Over 9,000 random Federal checkpoints were conducted in 2011 alone. It’s here. The uniformed army of death. The sword hand of Fascism. Hitler and Stalin, eat your hearts out. You never had it this good.

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 militarized local police nationwide and labeled the entire country as a war zone. When Boston was locked down after the marathon bombing we saw the full horror of the uniformed goon squad in action. The whole city was shut down, and homes were randomly raided, to catch one man. A few months prior a rogue cop in Los Angeles killed some of his own men. While hunting him the LAPD shot at a bunch of civilian cars that had nothing to do with the situation. That’s par for the course whendoped up officers can suspend law and order without having to face consequences.

They give cease and desist orders to little boys and girls for selling lemonade in their own yards without the proper permits. They come down hard on people who dare to grow a vegetable garden in their front yard for code enforcement violations. The number of dogs that have been shot by SWAT teams who went to wrong address has skyrocketed. And they shut down the RAW Food Co-op in LA for selling unpasteurized milk to willing customers who signed a waiver saying they didn’t want their food irradiated to kill all the probiotics and enzymes. The unmitigated gall of these people to be conscious about their personal health and nutrition! Thank God we have these highly trained officers to protect us from dangerous criminals with the audacity to live free.

Homeland Security is a runaway militarized organization that sprouted out of the original Patriot Act. Their “See Something, Say Something” campaign turns a well-meaning, free people into a snitch society. Children are trained in public schools to spy on their parents and report back about how much water they use and what their carbon footprint is. These crazed control freaks are now ready to roll out their whole lunatic system, which they’ve been setting up for decades.

The free will and liberty of the human spirit has the Natural Law of privacy, non-aggression and the right to self defense backing it up. The chaotic disorder which results in stagnation and suppression is created by the Satanic State, a parasitic force whose power comes only from the host (us) allowing it to survive, and in this case, thrive.

Resistance is the only option. Noncompliance is our best bet. Let the enemy strike first so that we are able to clearly establish the moral high ground in this psychological war.

In the years ahead we will see race wars flaring up due to the divide and conquer tactics used shamelessly by those in power. We will see the full emergence of the police state; increasing oppressive taxes on everything (the water you drink, the air you breathe); digitized identification that ties everyone to the DHS fusion centercollective grid system for all financial transactions; prison and internment camps set up under Rex 84 to hold those who speak out against the government as prisoners; a mass culling of the population; and all types of other tyranny that just makes you giddy to sing and dance. On the bright side, however, through all of these terrible events there will be massive efforts by states to secede, and then cities to secede from the states. This process will help individuals pull away from global governance and start setting up anarchic tribes where underground black economies can thrive as true free-markets.

It’s going to be ugly for a while, and sting the conscience of those who are pure of heart. But that which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. At least that’s the maxim. A large percentage of the population in this so-called free country have no one to blame but themselves, because the mob is ignorant, ill-informed, racked with fear, apathetic and decadent. So it goes. It would seem that there is no last chance to save the day, nor any super hero waiting in the wings to rescue society from bondage. The bureaucracy, like a terminal cancer, has grown too thick and muddled to be shut down. It now must run its course until self destruction is ignited from within. All that which is Evil contains the seeds of its own demise. The lines have been drawn, and crossed. The fall of the empire is imminent, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, there is going to be a lot of pain in the process. But, eventually order will be reestablished out of the chaos and death. It’s a shame it had to come to this, but there’s no turning back now. We’re about to get taken to the cleaner. Not for a rinse, but for a bloodbath.

It’s raining bile and brimstone. Watch your head. Duck and run, or face the onslaught? Cower and hide, or stand up and laugh as it comes with an intensity such as the world has never known? There has always been plague, disease, war, poverty, discrimination, chaos, injustice and all the sordid nonsense of human civilization, but never has there been such a highly developed, scientific, medical, technologic tyranny armed with a police state in place ready to bring the hammer down. It’s going to be the worst massacre in recorded history. Did you think the Nazi concentration camps were bad? Or the Native American Trail of Tears? How about communist China’s exploitation of workers? Or the brutality of the Catholic Church’s Spanish Inquisition? Well, those horrors pale in comparison to what is coming.

Unless drastic changes are made immediately, which is still possible, though time grows shorter by the hour, these are predictions and prophecies that I stand behind one-hundred percent. I can read the tea leaves. I can decipher the alignment of the heavens. All clues point to collective madness. Anyone with a soul still intact will be hunted down, and if caught, euthanized like a rabid dog. Congratulations, Good Americans, just like those Good Germans in the last century, you voted for despot after despot. Now you get to watch the current fiend become a full-fledged dictator as his crony henchmen take out all those who oppose him. Then watch the epilogue where the empire collapses, the cycle begins anew, and the Nietzschean eternal recurrence flows back around to the starting point.

These predictions are, indeed, ominous, but absolutely must be issued considering the dire state we currently face. The lines on each side of the sand can clearly be seen. A fair and final warning has been issued. We all must make our choice and then live with the fate that follows. Let those who are awake go now to rouse their sleeping neighbor. Let those who awaken join us, and those who return to their pillow be left to their eternal nightmare.

The Global Oligarchy is a militarized empire that is run primarily out of Washington DC, London, Saudi Arabia, Vatican City, and Israel. It’s an old, rotten, dying tree, destined to fall at any moment. Many individuals have given themselves over to this system and will go down with the ship when it sinks. Weep not for these doomed souls, for they were given the opportunity to choose. You can’t make a deal with the Devil and hope to come out on the rosy side of the fence. Conversely, those who saw through the authoritarian scam and began using their unique talents and trades to start new communities outside the system are like budding plants growing under the rotten tree. Right now it’s an awful place to take root and bloom. But, ultimately, we will blossom into the beings we are destined to be. As the tree collapses, toppling to the hard ground, we will receive the light, soak up the rain that was kept from us, and reach our full fruition.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall, it has been said. We are armed with our metaphorical slingshot, so we’ll find out soon enough. When this system crashes, I swear to God we, the survivors, will be right there celebrating that awesome event. We will dance upon the graves of our oppressors, and when the dust settles we will build our new civilization on the plot they leave behind. From the ashes, rises the Phoenix. A generation of humanity using anarchic principles as fiery wings will soon take to the sky. I’m ready to fly. Are you?

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