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By Mary Carmel (TFD) | 6.12.2015

There have been many instances throughout the chaos of the Obama administration referring to the abuse of natural rights bestowed upon us, as recorded in the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights. We passively watch as not only the government, but the non government organizations abuse the basic rights of humanity, with absolutely no  permission to do so. They believe they have the power to do this because they have been allowed to… period!

I cannot help but to be frightened by the massive amount of people that are spectators, to those involved in the chain of command that just follow orders. I see history repeating and we know this is not the solution. It has been said the man repeats mistakes and ultimately destroys himself by this insane reflex.

From the daily reports of police brutality beyond belief, to the abuse of power in the White House, we now stand at the brink of civil war with military forces on our streets (Obama’s dream!). May I add further, that much of this military is UN owned and operated. That is right, the UN, a private organization, owned by business people that  “we the people” deemed competent to keep peace, as it was arbitrarily forced upon us!!!     (illegal under the Constitution). Look at their record!!! How and when the American people, or any other country involved, allowed this to happen shatters my mind.

When you are lucky enough to be awake and step outside of the matrix for a few minutes, it makes no sense.There is no logic in what we have burdened ourselves with. Out of a lifetime of conditioning to fear (some even respect) these people, it has led us into a web of our own self destructiveness. The LAW we live by is a LIE. The type of law that we let run amok everyday like a runaway train has no place in our society, yet people are petrified to break the cycle of being submissive to it. From taxes, to incarceration for marijuana, to lack of free speech, it does not apply.. It is BS!

Not only do we have a breach of contract by the people that are paid  to serve and protect, but as well, we have an intrusion via a private entity called Washington DC. Our elected officials  do not even swear an oath to uphold our Constitution, they are all guilty of treason. They take this oath merely as a ritual, and most people do not understand that they operate outside the jurisdiction of the people, with their own language meant to confuse us. Local and state level officials must adhere to it, or they need to get out, as well as  people that are PAID to serve in the military.

The statutes they are imposing upon the people are illegal and it is time we stop the nonsense. There has been a mass awakening, but get the tanks off the streets, stop the beatings, and the murders that go unpunished, or we are up the creek without a paddle. It has to stop NOW, no questions asked! Since when did we give the inherent right to live, and to be free (as well as our childrens’), away to such a perverse bunch?

Please spread this message wide and far, this has to go viral!  We are days away from what could be the end of humanity as we know it. We need to stand up and  just say NO!  The mind control that we have survived through under their Psyop was enough to take a toll on all of us. This has gotten so out of hand that we will need safety in numbers, but the message is very clear. The prison we live in is mostly psychological. They do not, and never had the consent of the people to shape what we want as a future.

If we are to be free, we must TAKE our freedom, and remember those words our forefathers penned.  Do not let it be squandered by tyrants anymore.It was not theirs to take from us on the first place!  In a more modern phrase, ” no one can drive you crazy, unless you GIVE them the keys! ”

Please see the following article that makes my point clear, and the video that drives it home below. Additional reading at: (our partnered website). See documents that have been served to these so called lawmakers, and public servants under the media tab. Contact your local officials and demand they stop now! MC


Policing Comes to a Stop in New York, People Get Along Peacefully and Society Continues

Well, there has finally been a “virtual stoppage” of police activity in New York, and the people there are… reading blogs, working, buying groceries, watching netflix, waiting in lines, saying hi to strangers, checking facebook. Same as usual. It looks like they haven’t murdered each other yet.

Of course they haven’t.


Do you want to know what would really happen if the police state ended? What would happen if, say, tomorrow, the war on drugs ended?

About 80% of all the State functionaries from police and prison guards and prosecutors to court clerks and judges and school resource officers would have to find real jobs that people voluntarily pay them to do, since there would be no more need for them to enforce a corrupt war on drugs and generate revenue for the State.

The owners of State-sponsored for-profit prisons would become bankrupt. About four million non-violent peaceful Americans — formerly called “criminals”  for smoking a harmless plant — would be let out of steel cages and reunited with their loved ones.

The few officers that were left would be forced to respond to real violent crimes instead of, say, issuing revenue-generating tickets for incomplete stops, raiding people’s homes, shooting dogs, throwing people in cages for smoking a plant, or killing people for selling untaxed cigarettes.

The New York Post has released a study showing that NYPD tickets and arrests for minor offenses — non-violent offenses — have dropped by a whopping 94%.

The drop coincides with the police union issuing instructions to the NYPD to stop arresting people unless it is absolutely necessary.

This was done under the guise of “increasing officer safety” after two NYPD officers were executed.

In reality, it is a de facto strike. The NYPD is mad at the mayor and other government bureaucrats, blaming the latter for the fact that the two officers were executed. By refusing to issue traffic tickets, by refusing to lock more people in cages for victimless crimes, the police are in effect starving the government of revenue.

Here are the stats reported by the post:

Angry [police] union leaders have ordered drastic measures for their members since the Dec. 20 assassination of two NYPD cops in a patrol car, including that two units respond to every call.

It has helped contribute to a nose dive in low-level policing, with overall arrests down 66 percent for the week starting Dec. 22 compared with the same period in 2013, stats show.

Citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, from 10,069 to 587, during that time frame.

Summonses for low-level offenses like public drinking and urination also plunged 94 percent — from 4,831 to 300.

Even parking violations are way down, dropping by 92 percent, from 14,699 to 1,241.

Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau — which are part of the overall number — dropped by 84 percent, from 382 to 63….

The Post obtained the numbers hours after revealing that cops were turning a blind eye to some minor crimes and making arrests only “when they have to” since the execution-style shootings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

Friends, this is partly good news. Let’s hope those numbers get all the way to 100%.

We can go about our lives and bring in 2015 with an epic celebration. (Assuming, of course, the agents of the police state don’t stage some kind of false flag disaster to gain relevance as our “protectors” again.)

The de facto police strike unwittingly illustrates the true role of police: to empower, protect, and generate revenue for the State while keeping the people demoralized, scared, or poor. Because of the strike, we are now witnessing the reverse — more freedom for people, and less power for the State.

Consider how much money Americans are saving just during this short period of non-policing. Suppose that 24,000 parking and traffic tickets had been issued, like they were in this same period in 2013, and suppose they were only $50 each (they are much more, but let’s be conservative). That’s over a million dollars saved by Americans. For many, that could mean the difference between paying for rent and dinner vs stressing out about financial problems.

Consider all the families that haven’t been separated. There would have been around 400 drug arrests during this period last year. With only about 60 arrests since the de facto strike, that’s thousands of family members who wouldn’t be separated as their fathers, mothers, or kids are thrown in jail or felonized and forced into unemployment.

If the NYPD were to continue this non-policing month after month, it would mean millions of jobs saved, millions of families not destroyed, and billions of dollars saved by Americans.

If New York City is any indication, we would be better off without this institution.

Watch the video below and learn why Police Statism is the ultimate threat to a well ordered society.

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