EXCLUSIVE: Trail Of Blood – Foreign Banks & CIA Financing Of ISIS, Al Qaeda

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By: Randy Maugans

US ARMY WHISTLEBLOWER: DOJ, Congress, The White House, media, and the military bureaucracy… ALL oppressed the truth:

“Swiss bank accounts – Especially UBS and the Abdulaziz Abbas account – Were known and preserved by the United States …”, 2LT Scott Bennett, former Booz|Allen|Hamilton contractor. U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (Ret.)

The seeds of treason, long hidden in the dark, now are emerging as a multi-dimensional puzzle palace of greed, opportunism, and treachery of Machiavellian proportions. In an interview with Randy Maugans, Scott Bennett, a Commissioned U.S. Army terrorist finance analyzer. Army Major, Jeffrey Jacobs, his mentor in psychological operations, indicates he served with distinction, and was selected to act as a Terrorist Threat Finance liaison at CENTCOM and Booz, Allen, Hamilton.

He was targeted by insiders at DOJ and The US State Dept. due to his written objections to the military implementation of the “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policies on homosexuals in the military—based on his analysis of the psychological warfare dimensions, and potential targeting and compromise by radical Jihadists. He was arrested on a phony DUI charge and “inconsistencies” in a form he filled out for military housing while assigned to Booz, Allen, Hamilton at McDill Army Base. He was remanded to civil authorities in Tampa, FLA, and tried in a civilian court in a complete circumvention of military UCMJ authority. He served 36 months at Schuylkill County Federal Correctional Institution in Minersville, Pennsylvania, where he met Swiss (UBS) Banker, Brad Birkenfeld, who was serving a sentence for alleged failure to disclose a client in his own “whistleblower” activities.

While in prison, Birkenfeld and Bennett began to compare notes, combine data and intel and construct the picture of high level collusion, graft, and the funding of terrorist groups BY the CIA and military contractors through UBS . Paralleling the disclosures of Assange’s Wikileaks, Bradley Manning’s leaks, and Edward Snowden’s NSA files; the “trail of blood” leads to the highest levels of the US government, military, intelligence agencies, and PRIVATE military contractors.

Brad Birkenfeldi is an American who worked for Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) as an account executive, and in 2008 resigned, taking with him a trove of documents that would have provided deep intelligence into the financing of terrorist groups through Swiss bank secret accounts. Birkenfeld requested a subpoena from the Justice Department to disclose information and was refused. He took the information to the Senate Armed Services Committee, but was redirected to the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, chaired by Sen. Carl Levin, where his closed door testimony was used to redirect the inquiry away from funding of terrorism to tax evasion practices of American using UBS accounts.

Birkenfeld was then charged by the Justice Department with failing disclose information about a key client, California real estate developer, Igor Olenicoff. Despite Birkenfeld’s protests that he had, indeed, disclosed Olenicoff, that information was sealed by the Subcommitte and made inadmissible in court. Bennett outlines the tentacles of corruption that stream from Booz, Allen, Hamilton through the U.S. Justice Department; specifically, former Attorney General, Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General, Lanny Breuer, both of whom worked for the law firm, Covington and Burling, and represented UBS prior to joining the Justiuce Department. Complicit as well, US Senator, Carl Levin, who also chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee; and Senator Barack Obama, also a member of the Permanent Subcommitte. All were well aware of the “ticking time bomb” that was Brad Birkenfeld.

Despite passing through DOJ, The State Department, and the Senate Permanent Committte; despite receiving media coverage by Matt Taibbi in his 2013 Rolling Stone Magazine article, “Gangster Banksters: Too Big To Fail”, and coverage by CBS’ 60 Minutes; no one in the mainstream media ever bothered to ask Brad Birkenfeld the BIG QUESTION: Are foreign banks like UBS (and others, including HSBC) being used to finance terrorists activities in the Middle East?

With all the national paranoia, the constant hyped-up press coverage on the so-called “war on terrorism,” and the much touted inter-governmental, global cooperation related to terrorist funding; no one who was aware (and everyone was) of the Birkenfeld files, seems to have bothered to pursue the obvious connections. In fact: THEY not only ignored, they SUPPRESSED them, instead misdirecting the entire affair towards tax evasion and secret banking practices.

Bennet, in this and other interviews, as well as his book, “Shell Game,” thoroughly maps the layers of influence and corrupt, inbred relationships between public officials, elected representatives, and revolving door defense contractors that feed the machinery of perpetual war. From NSA’s data mining of the private information of American citizens reported by Snowden, to the circumstances surrounding the 2012 Benghazi attack (“What does it matter?”, Hilary Clinton), to the bail out money that also went to UBS courtesy of Tim Geitner and the Treasury Department.

The trail also leads back to the 22 missing pages of the “Official 9-11 Report” and the research by airline attendant, Rebekah Roth regarding Mossad participation in the Flight 93 takeover. Thus, the term, “multi-dimensional”, a psychological operations term, very much describes the morally bankrupt culture of Washington, D.C, From the President down to the minions of Israeli operatives inside the silos of defense contractors like Booz Allen.

These revelations by Bennett and Birkenfeld, as well as those enumerated by earlier whistleblowers such as (deceased under “mysterious circumstances”) Rolling Stone journalist, Michael Hastingsiv, who brought down General Stanley McChrystal; Thomas Drakev and William Binneyvi, who complained about the NSA’s “Thinthread” and“Trailblazer” operations and warrantless eavesdropping operations; and the 1990s INSLAW scandal, wherein the U.S. DOJ stole the powerful PROMIS database software, weaponized it, and passed it on to Israeli intelligence; may now ALL be connected into what the late journalist, Danny Casalaro called “The Octopus”.

Scott Bennett is presently filing papers in preparation for a new trial on his Tampa, FL conviction, and intends to use the proceedings to subpoena high level officials to testify about their knowledge of the cover-up in the Brad Birkenfeld affair, as well as the complicity by military and defense contractors to hide the ongoing financing and manufacture of the precepts and conditions for new, profitable war adventures. Adventures that will, unless stopped by the American public, result in a horrific WWIII conflict with Russia and China and the fatal clash with radicalized Islam.

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