Forget Gold: This Precious Metal Will Skyrocket Within Two Years: “There Will Be A Supply Shock”

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With everyone focused on gold as investment vehicle, many have ignored a metal that is 20 times rarer. Platinum, a precious metal critical for a number of global industries, continues to see depressed prices, so much so that today it is actually trading for less than the price of gold.

According to some analysts, the supply crunch is such that over the next two years we could realistically see this metal skyrocket to $3000 per ounce.

But is now the time to buy? And if so, how can you maximize your profits?

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When it specifically comes to platinum there will be a supply shock, likely in the next 12 to 24 months… Platinum is in a severe supply and demand imbalance today… It would take between $2700 to $3000 per ounce for platinum to earn its cost of capital for mining companies.

Relative to gold platinum is ridiculously cheap gold trading 10% higher. Yet, there’s almost no above ground inventory of platinum compared to that of gold.

… Platinum has been in a mine supply deficit for five years now and this is expected to continue.

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